Educating Children With Love and Logic

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There are two popular educational styles. Helicopter Style and Style Coach Sgt. Both are not good for a child's development.
Style helicopter: watching children too much, think of the child as the king not to "rub" the slightest
Style helicopter: no day without protection, children find it difficult few ... come and help direct parents is not tegaan
Due to a force helicopter if carried over to the big kids: nyogok best school, find work for the kids, camping ditengokin
Usually helicopter parents always argued to provide the best for children. And the best is not realized by buying feeding set, stroller, or the most expensive items
Drill sergeant style: always set, children are not given the opportunity to think because everything is decided parents
Sergeant-style trainer and helicopters may look works well when the child is still small, but it would be problematic in the future
Many parents who adopted two parenting is the name of love. And parenting is not for the short term, should think long-term impact
Children = loan, God entrusted to happiness, pleasure, and our test. So we must take care that in total, not "exported".
Now many parents turn to the task of nurturing others, from babysitter, grandparent, teacher at the school to tutor.
Effective Parenting: Love is not permissive (all fine), tough love to let kids make mistakes and live the consequences
Effective Parenting: love does not tolerate behavior that is not commendable.
If the child is crying because his toy taken away, do not be diverted by giving the other toys because it teaches children to avoid problems
Should children be required to return the captured piece. Our children need to be taught to defend their rights
The big problem now with the child's parents began to age 7 years: irresponsible, spoiled, lazy, and fighting for custody of her little one
If children want to wear clothes that do not fit coherent padannya we always told him to change because we are ashamed of others. Though parenting is never about us.
Child care does not mean protection from all the mistakes in the process of developing. Mistakes are opportunities to learn
The responsibility is not taught but must be the EXAMPLE. If the child requires care of his toys, we demonstrated the clearing of goods or former cook
Responsibility needs a chance. If everything is provided and too easy, when children will have the opportunity to learn responsibility?
Give children choices and limitations of early as possible. The decision making process is a very precious moment
Children should be exemplified some sort of responsibility. To God, self, family, nature, and society
Children who will be responsible for growing self-esteem, more confidence, achievement, self-contained, and understand the consequences
A small example: we can encourage children to choose their own breakfast menu for tomorrow, let them have control
Children learn from what he could see, hear and feel
Three legs good self concept: feel loved around, and feel confident have the ability to control their own lives
Do not take over the children's learning processes such as buttoning clothes, tying his shoes so fast finish
Poor self-esteem later when it was kindergarten or elementary school but could not buttoning his own shirt
Let the kids make a mistake origin harmless, emphasize its strengths, avoid criticizing, and protect
Consult with the child, if the child made a mistake should not be destroyed again esteem
In order to improve our parenting style:
Close AIB child! Do not like to complain or disfigure the child in social media. We do not want it later dijelekkin them to his friends?
Create a priority, whichever comes first, set a target for yourself, and give realistic targets for child
Learning to communicate better, equip yourself, prepare mentally, and always take the time (do not rush)
It takes a village to raise a kid. Spread parenting style that we want to caregivers, grandparents, uncle aunt, and even neighbors
TV did not provide concrete imagination because the TV was no visual and audio. The book gives unlimited imagination

Hopefully useful yes, Mommies :)
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