Easy Ways Skin Care baby and Toddler2

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Eczema diaper

In addition to skin care routine, parents need to pay attention to skin care associated with some certain skin diseases. For example, eczema, diaper, the skin disorder resulting from inflammation in the napkin area. Skin diseases in infants and toddlers are a lot of parents complained.

These diseases generally occur in the skin folds of the thighs, between her buttocks, and can override the other skin parts. Sections closed diapers easily become inflamed because of his skin warm and moist and susceptible to bacteria and compounds that can mengiritasinya.

Eczema can be prevented by way of diaper changing diapers as often as possible every time the diaper was wet. We suggest cloth diapers are made of soft material and how its use is not too tight so that the skin is not rubbed. The use of plastic pants as far as possible be avoided.

Eczema diaper can also arise because of the sharp substances, which are usually present in infant faeces, which causes inflammation around the anus. Patches like this generally happens when the baby diarrhea. Birds can be done with changing diapers every time feels wet. Wipe all traces faeces from the body, jerky with protective cream. Check with your doctor if bercaknya has not lost in 10 days.

Wet diapers can also cause patches that are not centered around the anus. This occurs because the reaction between the substance inside ompol with substances in faeces and produce ammonia, which stimulates the baby's skin. Birds can change diapers as often as possible. Before the use of protective diaper cream rubbed the skin. If within 10 days there has been no progress, or even getting worse, there is the possibility of his skin had been infected with candida - a fungus that usually appears on the intestines. In that case, check with your doctor, who may give a special cream and also specific drugs to fight infection.

About the option of using cloth diapers or disposable diapers does not matter. In terms of the health of both are equally healthy. The important thing is not to late to change. For cloth diapers would be immediately replaced if looks wet. But for disposable diapers replacement frequency is based on the accommodation. For example, by seeing whether disposable diapers that are visible bulging or hanging. If so, it must be immediately replaced. Every time you change a diaper, the baby's bottom and surrounding areas should be wetted. Then sections were dried, then given a powder.

Often encouraged the use of baby oil in this section, to keep the urine is not easy to absorb into the skin. Of course this baby oil must be dropped first on a wad of cotton.

In baby girls, clean it should be from the top toward the anus, using a wet cotton. Whereas in male infants, with the foreskin pulled slowly so that the urine hole appeared, and then cleaned with wet cotton.

Complaints of other skin disorders encountered in children who are atopic dermatitis (eczema milk). Important note, that from the various studies proved to be no breast milk (milk) cause. Even his own mother's milk contains protective substances the body against allergies and infections. However, the name was already attached to milk eczema so maintained. While the medical term is atopic dermatitis (eczema in places that are not usually).

The disease is usually very itchy eczema milk. Visible from frequent scratching baby, anxious, and fussy. The skin looks reddish, and there are small bubbles containing clear fluid. When a rupture will look wet and then dry up and become yellowish or blackish scab. Eczema There are certain areas on the skin age-appropriate. For example in infants is usually found in the cheek area, while children in the area of grooves on the arm and the second notch of the knee. Outside the area dry and scaly skin.

The cause of this disease is very complex, influenced by several factors, both from within the body, ie heredity or environment, such as dust, heat, and humidity. Therefore the most important skin care is not to prevent dry skin.

Prickly heat

Prickly heat is also a common complaint that is often found in infants and toddlers. Often referred to as prickly heat or sweat also arise in areas buntet forehead, neck, and body parts covered with clothes. The main symptoms are itchy, may be accompanied by skin redness and small watery bubbles. This disease usually relapses repeatedly, especially when the air is hot and sweaty, causing problems in infants, toddlers, and parents. This disease can be prevented with routine maintenance, such as bathing regularly and wash the child's sweaty with a damp cloth before being dried and given a powder.

Often occurs red spots (rash) on the neck and armpits baby. This situation is caused by inflammation of the skin in that section. Could be due to dry this part is not true when wiped with a towel after bathing. Especially if the baby fat, so the neck and arms folded.

Room with sufficient air ventilation is strongly recommended, especially in big cities are hot and stuffy. Try toddler rooms were given a window width so that the exchange of air from outside into the room smoothly. From the prickly heat cases in infants and young children, nearly 70% can be overcome if the movement of air in the room so the room was cool current.

Quite apart from questions of health, skin care on infants and toddlers really express the love of parents to the baby. Their touch will greatly affect the physical and mental development of a child. (G. Sujayanto)


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Easy Ways Skin Care baby and Toddler

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Various skin disorders in infants and toddlers, such as prickly heat, eczema, diaper, milk and eczema can actually be solved if parents diligently to maintain skin health. You do this by diligently to change diapers, choose a soft clothing material, as well as maintaining room air to stay cool and comfortable.

In contrast to adult skin is thick and solid, the skin is relatively thin babies and toddlers with loose ties antarsel. Because children's skin is more susceptible to infections, irritations, and allergies. Skin structurally underdeveloped babies and toddlers and functioning optimally so that needed special care.

Care is more emphasis on skin care than was hoped to improve the decoration of the main functions of the skin as a protection from outside influences the body.

Skin care babies and toddlers can be started from day-to-day activities. For example, by bathing regularly, clean hair, and change diapers or clothes at the right time. Bath for example, required twice a day, morning and afternoon. In bathing, note the following: water temperature is adjusted to the age of the child, use a soft baby soap, use baby shampoo to clean your hair, towel dry it with his own body until the skin folds, and give a powder with a light wash.

Questions should baby clothes from soft materials and are always clean. By paying attention to clothes that are used means that we have attempted to avoid interference. In some children the use of nylon or wool clothing can cause itching all over body. Raw cotton is easy to absorb the sweat must be the first choice for sensitive-skinned children.

Maintenance of skin that can be done using a variety of baby cosmetics in circulation today. Some functions to cleanse the skin such as soap and shampoo, moisturize and sun protection such as lotions, creams, and special oils.

The use of cosmetics such as soap, shampoo, lotions, oils selected specifically for babies need appropriate and adapted to condition baby's skin. For example by looking colourants and preservatives materials which may not fit with your baby's skin. Also if the pH of its conformity with the baby's skin.

Choosing and using cosmetics in infants and young children properly and in moderation is a key step to maintain healthy skin. Therefore, the amount of information about babies and toddlers cosmetic products today must be accurate by the parents.

Cara Gampang Merawat Kulit Bayi dan Balita

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Berbagai gangguan kulit pada bayi dan balita seperti biang keringat, eksim popok, dan eksim susu sebenarnya bisa diatasi bila orang tua rajin menjaga kesehatan kulit. Caranya dengan rajin mengganti popok, memilih bahan pakaian yang lembut, serta menjaga udara kamar agar tetap sejuk dan nyaman.

Berbeda dengan kulit dewasa yang tebal dan mantap, kulit bayi dan balita relatif tipis dengan ikatan antarsel yang longgar. Karena itu kulit anak lebih rentan terhadap infeksi, iritasi, dan alergi. Secara struktural kulit bayi dan balita belum berkembang dan berfungsi optimal sehingga diperlukan perawatan khusus.

Perawatan yang lebih menekankan pada pemeliharaan kulit ketimbang dekorasi ini diharapkan bisa meningkatkan fungsi utama kulit sebagai pelindung dari pengaruh luar tubuh.

Perawatan kulit bayi dan balita bisa dimulai dari kegiatan sehari-hari. Misalnya dengan memandikan secara teratur, membersihkan rambut, dan mengganti popok atau baju pada saat tepat. Mandi misalnya, diwajibkan dua kali sehari, pagi dan sore. Dalam memandikan, perhatikan hal-hal berikut: suhu air disesuaikan dengan umur anak, gunakan sabun bayi yang lunak, gunakan sampo bayi untuk membersihkan rambut, keringkan badan dengan handuk sendiri sampai lipatan kulit, dan berikan bedak dengan sapuan tipis.

Soal pakaian bayi sebaiknya dari bahan lembut dan selalu bersih. Dengan memperhatikan pakaian yang digunakan berarti kita telah berupaya menghindari timbulnya gangguan. Pada sebagian anak penggunaan pakaian berbahan nilon atau wol bisa menimbulkan gatal-gatal di seluruh tubuh. Bahan katun yang gampang menyerap keringat haruslah menjadi pilihan pertama bagi anak berkulit peka.

Pemeliharaan kulit itu bisa dilakukan dengan menggunakan bermacam kosmetika bayi yang beredar saat ini. Sebagian berfungsi untuk membersihkan kulit misalnya sabun dan sampo; melembapkan dan pelindung terhadap sinar matahari seperti losion, krim, dan minyak khusus.

Penggunaan kosmetika berupa sabun, sampo, losion, minyak khusus untuk bayi perlu dipilih yang tepat dan disesuaikan dengan kondisi kulit bayi. Misalnya dengan mencermati zat warna dan bahan-bahan pengawet yang mungkin saja tidak sesuai dengan kulit bayi. Juga apakah pH-nya sesuai dengan kulit bayi.

Memilih dan menggunakan kosmetika pada bayi dan balita secara benar dan tidak berlebihan merupakan langkah utama menjaga kesehatan kulit. Oleh karena itu, banyaknya informasi tentang produk kosmetika bayi dan balita dewasa ini harus lebih dicermati oleh orang tua.

Eksim popok

Selain perawatan kulit rutin, para orang tua perlu memperhatikan perawatan kulit yang berhubungan dengan beberapa penyakit kulit tertentu. Misalnya saja eksim popok, yaitu kelainan kulit yang timbul akibat radang di daerah tertutup popok. Penyakit kulit pada bayi dan balita ini banyak dikeluhkan orang tua.

Penyakit ini umumnya timbul pada lipatan-lipatan kulit paha, di antara kedua pantat, dan dapat menimpa di bagian kulit lain. Bagian tertutup popok mudah mengalami peradangan karena kulitnya hangat dan lembap serta peka terhadap bakteri serta senyawa yang dapat mengiritasinya.

Eksim popok dapat dicegah dengan cara mengganti popok sesering mungkin setiap kali popok basah. Sebaiknya kain popok terbuat dari bahan lembut dan cara pemakaiannya tidak terlalu ketat agar kulit tidak tergesek. Penggunaan celana plastik sedapat mungkin dihindari.

Eksim popok juga bisa muncul karena adanya zat-zat tajam, yang biasa ada dalam faeces bayi, yang menimbulkan peradangan di sekitar anus. Bercak begini umumnya terjadi bila si bayi diare. Penanggulangannya bisa dilakukan dengan mengganti popok setiap kali terasa basah. Usap semua bekas faeces dari badannya, balur dengan krim pelindung. Periksakan ke dokter bila bercaknya belum hilang dalam 10 hari.

Popok yang basah bisa pula menimbulkan bercak yang tidak berpusat di sekitar anus. Ini terjadi karena reaksi antara zat di dalam ompol dengan zat di faeces dan menghasilkan amonia yang merangsang kulit bayi. Penanggulangannya bisa dengan mengganti popok sesering mungkin. Sebelum pemakaian popok usapkan krim pelindung kulit. Bila dalam 10 hari belum ada kemajuan, atau malah makin memburuk, ada kemungkinan kulitnya sudah terinfeksi candida - jamur yang biasa muncul di usus. Dalam hal itu periksakan ke dokter, yang mungkin memberi krim khusus dan juga obat khusus untuk melawan infeksinya.

Soal pilihan penggunaan popok kain atau popok sekali pakai tak jadi soal. Dari segi kesehatan keduanya sama-sama sehat. Yang penting jangan sampai terlambat mengganti. Untuk popok kain tentu harus segera diganti bila terlihat basah. Tetapi untuk popok sekali pakai frekuensi penggantiannya didasarkan atas daya tampungnya. Misalnya dengan melihat apakah popok sekali pakai itu sudah tampak menggelembung atau menggantung. Jika sudah, maka harus segera diganti. Setiap kali akan mengganti popok, bagian pantat bayi dan sekitarnya harus dibasahi. Kemudian bagian tadi dikeringkan, baru diberi bedak.

Sering dianjurkan pemakaian baby oil pada bagian ini, untuk menjaga air seni tidak mudah meresap ke dalam kulit. Tentu saja baby oil ini harus diteteskan lebih dulu pada segumpal kapas.

Pada bayi perempuan, membersihkannya harus dari bagian atas ke arah anus, dengan menggunakan kapas basah. Sedangkan pada bayi laki-laki, dengan menarik kulup perlahan-lahan sehingga lubang kencingnya tampak, baru kemudian dibersihkan dengan kapas basah.

Keluhan gangguan kulit lain pada anak yang banyak ditemui adalah dermatitis atopik (eksim susu). Penting dicatat pula, bahwa dari berbagai penelitian terbukti bukan air susu ibu (ASI) penyebabnya. Bahkan, ASI sendiri mengandung zat pelindung tubuh terhadap alergi dan infeksi. Namun, nama eksim susu telah telanjur melekat sehingga tetap dipertahankan. Sementara istilah kedokterannya adalah dermatitis atopik (eksim di tempat yang tidak biasanya).

Penyakit eksim susu biasanya sangat gatal. Tampak dari seringnya bayi menggaruk, gelisah, serta rewel. Kulit terlihat kemerahan dan terdapat gelembung-gelembung kecil berisi cairan jernih. Bila pecah akan tampak basah kemudian mengering dan menjadi koreng kekuningan atau kehitaman. Eksim ini terdapat pada kulit daerah tertentu sesuai dengan usia anak. Misalnya pada bayi banyak ditemukan di daerah pipi, sedangkan pada anak di daerah lekukan lengan dan kedua lekukan lutut. Di luar daerah tersebut kulitnya kering dan bersisik.

Penyebab penyakit ini sangat kompleks, dipengaruhi oleh beberapa faktor, baik dari dalam tubuh, yaitu faktor keturunan, maupun lingkungan, misalnya debu, udara panas, dan kelembapan. Karena itu perawatan kulit yang paling penting adalah mencegah kulit agar jangan kering.

Biang keringat

Biang keringat juga merupakan keluhan umum yang sering ditemukan pada bayi dan balita. Biang keringat atau sering disebut juga keringat buntet timbul di daerah dahi, leher, dan bagian tubuh yang tertutup pakaian. Gejala utama adalah gatal, dapat disertai kulit kemerahan dan gelembung berair kecil-kecil. Penyakit ini biasa kambuh berulang, terutama bila udara panas dan berkeringat, sehingga menimbulkan masalah pada bayi, balita, maupun orang tua. Penyakit ini dapat dicegah dengan perawatan rutin, misalnya mandi dengan teratur dan membasuh anak yang berkeringat dengan lap basah sebelum dikeringkan dan diberi bedak.

Seringkali terjadi bintik-bintik merah (ruam) pada leher dan ketiak bayi. Keadaan ini disebabkan oleh peradangan kulit pada bagian tersebut. Bisa disebabkan karena bagian ini tidak kering betul ketika dilap dengan handuk sehabis memandikannya. Apalagi jika si bayi gemuk, sehingga leher dan ketiaknya berlipat-lipat.

Ruangan dengan ventilasi udara cukup sangat dianjurkan, terutama di kota-kota besar yang panas dan pengap. Usahakan kamar balita diberi jendela lebar sehingga pertukaran udara dari luar ke dalam ruangan lancar. Dari kasus-kasus biang keringat pada bayi dan balita, hampir 70% nya bisa diatasi bila pergerakan udara dalam ruangan lancar sehingga kamar terasa sejuk.

Lepas dari soal kesehatan, perawatan kulit pada bayi dan balita sebenarnya mengekspresikan rasa cinta orang tua kepada buah hatinya. Sentuhan mereka akan sangat mempengaruhi perkembangan fisik dan mental seorang anak. (G. Sujayanto)

Sumber: Intisari, Januari 2001,

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Recognize the Child Temper Tantrum3

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1. Tantrum prevent
2. Tackling child who is experiencing Tantrum
3. Tackling the post Tantrum

The first step to prevent the Tantrum is to recognize the child's habits, and
know exactly the conditions of what appears Tantrum on the child. For example, if parents know that children are active children and easy stress if too long silent in the car on long trips. So that he does not Tantrum, parents need to arrange for the journey often endeavored to rest on the road, to allow time for the kids run around outside the car.

Tantrum also be triggered because the stress of school work to do son. In this case accompany children when he was working on the tasks of the school (not making tasks lho!) And teaching things that are considered difficult, will help reduce stress on the child because the school burden. Accompanying children are not even confined to school assignments, but also in the games, the child should be accompanied by a parent too, so when he had difficulty parents can help by giving instructions.

The second step in preventing Tantrum is to see how the parents care for their children.
Is the child too pampered? Do parents act too protect (over protective), and too much like the ban? Are both parents are always unanimous, one word in parenting? Do parents showed consistency in word and deed?

If you feel too much and spoil the child, too protect and often forbid children to do activities that children really are needed, do not be surprised if your child will easily tantrums if his will is not obeyed. Consistency and common perceptions of parenting is also a very important role. If there is disagreement, parents should not be debated and argued with each other in front of the children, so as not to cause confusion and insecurity in children. Parents should keep children always saw that her parents always agree and get along.

When Tantrum Happen
If Tantrum can not be prevented and continue to occur, then some action should be done by parents is:

1. Make sure everything is safe. If Tantrum occurs in public, and move the child to a safe place to vent her emotions. During Tantrum (at home or outside the home), keep children from things, good things that endanger themselves or even if he is endangering the existence of these objects. Or if during Tantrum child so hurt friends and her own parents, keep the child from her friend and remove yourself from the child.

2. Parents should stay calm, trying to keep his own emotions to remain calm. Keep your emotions do not get hit and shouted angrily at the child.

3. Tantrum ignoring children (ignore). During Tantrum progress, should not be persuaded, cajoled, do not argue, do not give moral advice to stop Tantrumnya children, because children did not respond / listen. Tantrum stop business as usual even as it poured gasoline on the fire, the longer the child will Tantrumnya and increased intensity. It is best to let it. Tantrum ended even more quickly if the parents do not try to menghentikannnya by persuasion or coercion.

4. If Tantrum behavior from minute to minute even get worse and not over-done, as long as the child
do not beat you, hug a child with love. But if it can not hug a child with love (as you yourself feel embarrassed and annoyed with the child's behavior), at least you are sitting or standing close to him. During the program do not need her advice or complaint (by saying: "you are so hell kok nak, make mama-papa sad"; "it's great you do not like a kid again dong"), if you want to say something, just for example by saying "mommy / daddy love you", "mama is here until you're finished". The important thing here is to ensure that children feel safe and know that parents have and do not refuse (abandon) him.

When Tantrum BANTARA

Tantrum When children have stopped, no matter how severe the emotional explosion that has happened is, not followed by punishment, advice, rebuke, or innuendo. Also, do not give any reward, and the child still can not get what you want (if it happens because Tantrum wants something). With still not giving what they want the child, parents will look consistent and the child will learn that he could not manipulate his parents.

Give my love and security of your child. Invite a child, reading a book or play a bike together. Show the child, though he had done wrong, as your parents still love them.

After Tantrum end, parents need to evaluate why it happened Tantrum. Is it really wrong child or parent who either respond to acts / desires a child? Or because the child was tired, frustrated, hungry, or sick? Need to rethink this, so that parents can prevent the next Tantrum.

If the child is considered wrong, parents need to think to teach children values or new ways that children do not repeat mistakes. If it wants to teach and give advice, do not do after Tantrum over, but do it when things are calm and comfortable for parents and children. When a quiet and comfortable is when Tantrum has not yet begun, even when there is no sign of going Tantrum. When parents and children are happy, do not feel frustrated, tired and hungry is an ideal time.

From the description above can be seen that if parents have children who "difficult" and easy to Tantrum, of course not entirely fair to say that parents' fault. But it must be admitted that the parent who has a role to guide the child to regulate their emotions and facilitate the child's life to Tantrum not constantly pop. Some of the suggestions above may be useful for you especially for the
mother / young fathers who have not had experience of parenting. Happy reading, may be useful. (Jp)

Oleh Martina Rini S. Tasmin, SPsi.
Jakarta, 29 April 2002

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Recognize the Child Temper Tantrum2

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3. Age of 5 years and over
• these behaviors in the 2 (two) above the age categories
• Swearing
• swearing
• Hitting brother / sister or a friend
• Criticize yourself
• Solving the goods with the purpose
• Threatening

Factor Cause

There are several factors that can cause Tantrum. Among them are as follows:

1. Obstruction of a child's desire to get something.
Having failed to ask for something and still want it, the child may have used the method to suppress Tantrum parents to get what he wants, as in the case in the beginning.

2. The inability of children to express themselves.
The children have limited language, there are times when he wanted to express something but could not, and orangtuapun could not understand what is wanted. These conditions may trigger the child becomes frustrated and expressed in the form of Tantrum.

3. Unfulfilled needs.
Active child needs time and room enough to move and not be silent for a long time. If one day these children have a long journey by car (and the means for a long time he could not move freely), he will feel stress. One possible way of releasing stress is Tantrum. Another example: a child needs a chance to try new skills they have. For example 3-year-olds who want to try to feed themselves, or 4-year old son wants to get a drink of using glass containers, but not allowed by the parent or caregiver. So to vent anger or upset because it was not allowed, he used the method to Tantrum

4. Parents parenting
The way parents care for children also have a role to cause Tantrum. Children who are too pampered and
always get what you want, can Tantrum as the time the request was rejected. For children
that are too protected and dominated by his parents, once upon a time the child may be reacting against the dominance of the parent with Tantrum behavior. Parents who are inconsistent parenting can also cause the child Tantrum. For example, parents who do not have any clear pattern to prohibit any time to allow the child to do something and the parents who often threatened to punish but never punished. Children will be confused by parents and the Tantrum when parents actually punished. Or the father-mother who does not agree with each other, which allows one child, the other forbids. Children may be Tantrum to get his wish and consent of both parents.

5. Children feel tired, hungry, or in sickness.

6. Children under stress (due to school work, etc.) and because of feeling unsafe (insecure).

Tantrums in the book Secret to Calming the Storm (La Forge: 1996) many child development experts assess that Tantrum is a behavior that is still relatively normal, which is part of the development process, a period of physical development, cognitive and emotional children. As part of the development process, Tantrum episode would end. Some positive things that can be seen from the behavior Tantrum Tantrum is that the child wants to demonstrate its independence, to express individuality, his opinion, took out her anger and frustration and make adults understand if they were confused, tired or sick. However, it does not mean that Tantrum should be commended and encouraged (encourage).

If parents let Tantrum power (by allowing the child to get what he wanted after he Tantrum, as illustrated above) or react with punishments harsh and coercion-coercion, it means that parents are encouraging and give examples for children to act violent and aggressive ( when in fact their parents would not agree and do not want it). With the mistake in dealing with Tantrum, parents also lost a good opportunity to teach children about how to react to the emotions that are normal (anger, frustration, fear, annoyance, etc.) are reasonable and how to act in appropriate ways so as not to hurt self and others
when you're feeling the emotion.

The question most parents is the best way of dealing with children who have Tantrum. To answer these questions we try to give some suggestions on what actions should be done by parents to overcome this. These actions are divided into 3 (three) parts, namely:

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