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A True Story of the neighboring country Singapore a few decades ago are pretty horrendous to then Prime Minister, Lee Kwan Yew senior intervene and issue a decree about the elderly in Singapore.

It is said there are rich people there former successful businessman who resigned from dinia business when his wife died. Be it single parent trying to raise and educate both boys only to be able to independently and become a scholar.

Then after his only child was married, she asked her father for permission to live together in a luxury apartment and great father. And his father was happy to let the child live-in-law along with it. Imagine the minds of his parents is that the apartments are spacious and luxurious will not be lonely, especially if he has an grandchild. How happy the hearts of fathers to get together and share happiness with the children and the law.

In the beginning there is good communication between the Father-Son-son in law, which makes a very loving father's only child without the slightest hesitation mewariskankan entire property, including apartment they live, dibaliknamakan to his son's well-known through the notary there.

The years passed, as usual, a classic problem in the household, if the child in-law live on the premises with parents, some of the reasons why end on a day when they had a big fight in the end, her father's heart to expel them out of the apartment which he had inherited from his father.

Because the entire estate, apartments, shares, deposits, gold and cash was given to his son, then began the day he became a beggar on Orchard Rd. Imagine, the wealthy former businessman who is well known in Singapore, has suddenly become a beggar!

One day, accidentally crossed the former business friends first and give alms, he immediately recognized his father and asked him if he had his business friends. Of course, the father is not ashamed danmenjawab, maybe you're one person, he said. However, his suspicious and believe that parents are begging on Orchard Road are a few old friends who had no news story. Then, this friend reported this to other friends, and they finally came together person. All ex-close friend was immediately convinced that the old beggar was wealthy former businessman who once they know.

In front of his friends, the father with weeping, telling all the events that have been experienced. Thus, there was uproar in there, because all the parents there was very angry with the child who is not immoral. Uproar finally heard the news reached the ears of Lee Kwan Yew Senior PM.

PM Lee was furious and immediately called the rebellious son and daughter. They cursed and yelled out by PM Lee and PM Lee said "It is shameful that in Singapore there is the prodigal son like you".

Then PM Lee calling the notary and at that moment and testament was canceled by operation of law! And that is testament to the name of his son baliknama is torn by PM Lee. So that all property that has been passed back to the name of his father, even when the child sejal daughter was forbidden to enter his father's Apartment.

Mr Lee Kwan Yew was known as someone who was very devoted to his parents and respect for the elderly (seniors). So, that similar incidents do not happen again, Mr Lee issued a policy / Decree the "Prohibition of the parents for not mengwariskan property to anyone before they died. Then, for the elderly is still revered and respected until his death, he made policy a decree, namely that all State and private companies in Singapore to give employment to the elderly. order for the elderly is not dependent on the child-in-law and have their own income and they are very proud to give to his grandchildren angpao of the fruits of their own during the first years of work.

You should not be surprised if you go to the toilet at Changi Airport, Mall, Restaurant, Officer cleaning service is the elderly. So in addition to the elderly was also unhappy in old age they can still work, also they can socialize and healthy because a lot of moves. One again, as in other developed countries, PM Lee also gave a very good social education for children and young people there, that the work of cleaning the toilet, dining table etc is not a job diresto contemptible, so that the children they will be taught from childhood to know respect older people, whoever they are and whatever their profession.

Conversely, there are educated children to be wise and continue to maintain the respect and affection to his parents, regardless of the parents.

Although the parents were unable to sit or stand, or it may have forever lay on the bed, they should still honor him, how to care for.

They, as citizens of Singapore by Prime Minister Lee reminded to always remember when they were toddlers, they are the parents who clean their bodies of all forms of dirt, which is also sometimes feed and feed him with their own hands, and carried her even when they cry in the morning and take care when they are sick.

What about Indonesia?
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