Teaching children is a privilege

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It should be inculcated in the minds of every mother, that teaches babies is a privilege. So, use this feature properly. If parents do not have any interest or desire to do this, better do not do at all, because it becomes not maximized.
Speak clearly, firmly, and enthusiastic
This will make the children can listen to what the parents clearly. That way he can absorb the stimulation provided better.
Once again, do stimulation in infants with a relaxed, casual, and not in a hurry. Do not feel depressed, do not feel the need to immediately see the results to be achieved. Do it all with pleasure. When stimulated, enjoy time with toddlers.
Trust your toddler
You must know, toddlers are very trusting parents. Now is the time parents believe toddlers. Believe that children have a great ability to learn something. Therefore, parents should respond to it positively. Give children the opportunity to learn everything without a doubt his ability.
Continue to provide new information
Toddler loved the new information. Therefore, show children something new, something never before seen, something never before heard. He would be very enthusiastic.
If children are familiar with something, do not be forwarded
When the toddler was shown on something familiar, do not be forwarded. Soon find other things that have not known, and show him.
Teach toddlers to the objectives and orderly way
A wise parent will know the exact purpose to do everything, including a toddler to enrich the knowledge of the encyclopedia. He will also plan and prepare everything well.
Make a material with a large size and clear
If parents make a material with a small image of the object and then the children will certainly not difficult to learn. In essence, make the material to be viewed by children under five with ease.
Prepare a place that does not interfere with either visual or audio
When a parent will make stimulation, make sure there is not much disturbance in the neighborhood. Benyak room that has a full visual and sound that is not important, would greatly interfere with the learning process a toddler.
Teach your toddler when he was in good condition.
Do not stimulated when a toddler was sick or cranky for some reason. If you still enforced, children are likely to be rejected so that the program being executed will not give optimal results. Bottom line, find the most appropriate time.

source Frisian Flag's booklet - 'How Smart Are Your Kids?'  ,website ibudanbalita.com/pojokcerdas/10-tips-untuk-memotivasi-balita-dalam-belajar

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