Effective Steps to Overcome Measles (visible)

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Measles is actually present throughout the year without a summer. Although infected only once, do the anticipation for the child not to have complications.

Measles or more often called tampek easily transmitted. The virus can live and spread through the air, "Because this disease is still endemic throughout the year in some areas, particularly in dense settlements," said dr. Rudy Firman, Sp.A, from RSAB Harapan Kita Jakarta.

Measles disease in a foreign language called measles, is caused by the measles virus or morbili. The virus is found in outdoor air. When you get into the child's body, especially the body resistance is weak, it is very possible he contracted the measles. We recommend that if there is one child exposed to measles, the other children are encouraged to not having contact with him. The virus that came out via breath or saliva spray (droplets) can be inhaled through the nose or mouth and will infect other children.

According to Rudy, measles only happens once in a lifetime. When the little child had been exposed to measles then after that he normally would not be affected again. However, because this assumption has been too popular in the community many parents who deliberately infecting children with measles so that later he did not hit anymore. "This is a wrong action," commented Rudy.

Precisely every child should be fortified from this disease with measles immunization. It is not guaranteed 100%, but even if up to measles virus, then the conditions are not too severe. Immunization can be done twice. First at the age of 9 months, this age was chosen because the baby antibodies derived from the mother through the placenta has been progressively decreasing, so need additional antibodies through immunization. In order for your child's immune better then repeated measles vaccination at age 15 months with immunization MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella). Next, measles immunization conducted when the child was 6 years old. Why need to be prevented? Because measles can cause fatal complications.

4 PHASE MEASLES and handling

For measles attack does not become too heavy, we can do the following things on the basis of the phase-phase:

- Incubation period
Incubation phase lasts about 10-12 days. In this phase of infection is somewhat difficult to detect because the symptoms are still common even not visible at all. Maybe some children have a fever but generally children do not feel any change. Red patches that are characteristic of measles was not yet out.

What needs to be done:
Keep your children well balanced nutrition for body resistance remains high. For example by eating vegetables, fruits, and maintain body fitness. If it is later measles really attacking the possibility of not going too badly.

- Phase Prodormal

Is the phase in which symptoms of the disease has begun to arise, such as colds, coughs, colds, and fever. Child's eyes will look reddish and watery. Not only that, children can not see clearly into the light because he felt the glare (photo phobia). Another feature, next to the mouth appear white spots that will last 3-4 days. Some children also experience diarrhea. One-two days later a high fever that go up and down, ranging from 38 to 40.5 ° C. In the second phase of the red spots have not appeared.

What needs to be done:
Checked immediately the child to the doctor when flu, coughs, colds, and fever began to appear. Do not wait for the appearance of the rash because the child needs help immediately. Quick action is helpful to anticipate the severity of disease.

- Phase Makulopapuler
Phase makulopapuler the release of red spots that often accompanied by high fever between 38 to 40.5 ° C. Initially, these spots appear only in some parts of the body, usually behind the ears, neck, chest, face, hands and feet. To distinguish from other diseases, measles is generally the color patches would be very peculiar; red with a size that is not too big but not too small.

Typically, red spots all over the body will meet within one week although this depends on the endurance of each child. In children who had good endurance red patches are generally only in some parts of the course. But in children who have weak immune system, the more red spots. This also indicates that measles suffered by children, including weight.


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