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What needs to be done:
Stay consult your doctor everything. Usually the doctor will try to get red spots on the child not to appear in the whole body. If indeed his whole body full of patches, this means campaknya quite heavy. Especially if you have symptoms of complications, then consult your doctor whether the child needs to be treated or not.

Most people assume that the more red spots that looked the better because it means the child will recover quickly. This opinion is wrong because we are actually required to be more vigilant. But when the diagnosis was established, and no complications, the child is treated at home.

- Healing Phase
If the red spots had come out, usually fever will come down by itself. Furthermore, the red spots will turn black and scaly skin, called hyperpigmentation. In the end spots will flake or fall out or heal by itself. Generally, it takes up to 2 weeks until the child recovers completely from the remnants of measles.

What needs to be done:
Permanent give medicine that is given by the physician while maintaining a balanced intake of nutritious foods and regular breaks. Do not ever assume that the red spots are reduced and the symptoms are gone means campaknya virus has been lost. We still need to continue treatment until the child is completely healed.


* Do not take medication according to their own rules but must be based on doctor's instructions. When you do have to take medicine 3 times a day it must be done well. If there are other symptoms that arise, such as seizures or shortness of breath, consult your doctor.

* You should grant an easily digestible food like rice porridge. This is to avoid the spread of other infections, like strep throat, flu, or other. It is advisable to provide an easily digested food for a month later to his condition fully recover.

* Because easily transmitted through air, the child should measles be treated in their own room so as not to transmit the disease. But remember, do not be impressed if the child is isolated, give toys to entertain so she would not get bored.

* Every child who is sick needs adequate rest. Children measles so, give time to rest to maximum.

* Do not leave infants who have not received measles immunization against measles adjacent to the patient until the disease is completely cured. Very probably the measles virus will infect the baby.

* Keep your child's body to stay clean so she still feels comfortable. It's okay to children bathed or wiped her whole body. Opinion that say that children should not be bathed measles is wrong because when her body was dirty and sweating will cause a sense of incredible sticky and itchy. The urge to scratch an itchy skin can cause infection in the form of small boils fester. Use baby soap that is not too stimulating the skin and gently rub her skin. After bathing, dry and sprinkle with talc powder salycyl.

* During the child's illness and in recovery should we separate the dining and bathroom equipment, such as plates, cups, spoons, towels, and clothes sprai. This is to avoid the occurrence of transmission through indirect contacts.

TREATMENT BY symptomatic

Rudy explains, are only symptomatic treatment of measles, which is treating the symptoms alone. For example, when they appear so that untreated fever is a symptom of fever. When you have a cough then cough medicine used to relieve cough. Similarly, if the child diarrhea then the doctor will give antidiarrheal medication. In some children who are gifted seizures, these symptoms can arise so that the doctor will prepare antikejang drug. While until recently, said Rudy, not yet found a drug that could directly address the measles virus.

Treatment of symptoms is very important because if not handled properly can be very dangerous measles. Complications can occur, especially in severe measles. The characteristics of severe measles, besides bercaknya in the whole body, the symptoms do not improve after treatment for 1-2 days. Conversely, if for 1-2 days of treatment the symptoms had improved, children generally suffer only a mild measles.

Complications that occur normally in the form of inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia bronchodilating) and brain inflammation (encephalitis). This occurs because the measles virus can spread through the bloodstream to other body tissues. These complications are generally the most frequent cause of death in children.

To determine whether complications had occurred or not is usually characterized by distinctive signs. When it happens encephalitis usually occur one time or recurring seizures, awareness of children declines, and high body temperature or hard to go down because the infection has reached the brain.

While pneumonia is indicated by symptoms of cough with phlegm, runny nose, and shortness of breath. It may be said, death is not caused by measles itself but the complications that occur. Normally this will happen to children who are malnourished and have a weak immune system.


Measles usual, Rudy said, is different from German measles or rubella. German Measles generally have milder effects and is not fatal. Generally also occur in children aged 5 to 14 years.

It's symptoms are almost the same as regular measles, such as colds, coughs, colds and high fever. What distinguishes, red spots on rubella does not arise too much and not as bad as ordinary measles, also rapidly disappeared within 3 days. Other symptoms, usually a child's appetite will decrease due to a swelling of the spleen.

Instead we should be more worried if rubella attack pregnant women because the virus can spread to the fetus through the placenta. When the fetus is infected, the child will be born with congenital rubella syndrome abnormalities, such as infant's eyes had cataract, can not hear, there was calcification in the brain, there are also many children grow up with growth retardation.

Rudy stressed, every girl should have rubella vaccination. This is to anticipate the occurrence of rubella as well as protecting the fetus later. Not only in women, rubella vaccination is also important for men. Pointless prevent rubella and infect not attacked his wife, who probably was pregnant later. Source: Irfan Hasuki. / Nakita


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