6 healthy habits that make pain

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Do not think all healthful activities really make you healthy. For some habits, it can actually make you sick. What are the customs?

According to Dr. Erika Schwartz, Medical Director of Cinergy Health, quoted from the Huffington Post, on Wednesday (30/09/2009), there are six common habits that are considered healthy people but it is not, even habits that will make you sick.

1. Excessive exercise
Body and mind does not need 30-45 minutes for 3-4 days a week to do activities that healthy. Or aerobic exercise should not be excessive, simply done when the holidays if you want to really exercise.

Excessive exercise will only make you weary and easily hurt. But if you want berolahrga every day, should be enough walking or yoga. Sports swimming, tennis, golf and team sports can be done once a month.

2. Avoiding sunlight
Preventing sun exposure is likely to prevent the entry of vitamin D into the body. Though vitamin D is essential for the body and can boost the immune system.

From the sun's ultraviolet rays can damage skin, but should not be afraid of excessive as well as to not want exposed to sunlight.

Use moisturizing lotion also should not be too excessive because it would block sunlight to the skin. The only body part that needs protection is just the face.

3. Always use a gel or a special antibacterial soap
Antibacterial products are able to prevent someone from germs, bacteria or viruses. But use it too often will weaken the body's antibodies.

Antibacterial agents will not only kill the bad bacteria but also good bacteria that actually allows you to balance the flora of bacteria in the body. Use these products properly and stop being someone who wants to always clean every time.

4th. Excess or lack of sleep
The average person takes approximately eight hours per day for sleep. If you have less or too much sleep from the hours should be, the body will not be able to think and function optimally proceed. In fact, several studies mention that the hours of sleep less or more is not good for the skin, causing dizziness, depression and appetite increases.

5. Being in the room air conditioner continuously
Although the air conditioner to prevent someone from symptoms of dizziness or fainting due to heat, but you should not inhale too much AC. Cold air content contained in the AC may contain many bacteria and other dirt particles.

Each hour should turn off air conditioning, open windows, the road out of the room and Smell the fresh air. Do not forget to clean AC filters with warm water and soap every month. If you are in a full-conditioned office space, bring a jacket to maintain body temperature if the air is too cold, get out of the office at least for lunch or afternoon snack.

6. Organic food diet
Not all foods labeled organic was organic really, because many are still using pesticides. Not only must spend more money, but you also risk fooled by that label. Organic foods do not need to be called as a healthy food. With proper handling and processing, the risk of food contamination by foreign substances were solved.
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