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Every baby is definitely going to suck his fingers. Especially in newborns until the age of three months, sucking fingers were often performed. This shows the baby was in good health and normal, because it was sucking reflex should have a baby since birth. That's why, when the baby wanted to nurse, do not need mother's nipple is inserted into the baby's mouth forced. Simply slide the removable cheek with the nipple, the baby will be looking toward the nipple.
But no means all babies have a sucking reflex that good, lo. As said Prof. Dr. dr. Nartono Kadri, Sp.A (K), there are some low suction reflexes babies, namely babies born premature and sick babies. "In premature babies, finger sucking reflex more slowly than healthy infants, because growth is not too perfect." While the sick babies, for example, suffered severe respiratory problems. "This means the baby is in weak condition, so that suction is not good reflexes. Such babies require tube because she could not suck, "continued the professor of this faculty of medicine.

Needs Sucking

Psychologically, according to Dra. Betty DK. Zakianto. Msi, baby sucking fingers because of hunger. In addition to baby's sucking needs, from birth to age three months. "Needs to get a baby to suck when breastfeeding but these needs are individual. This means that each baby has a need to suck different, "the light of this educational psychologist. That is why, the duration of breastfeeding would not be the same on every baby. For example, there is a baby who was content to suck as long as 20 minutes of breastfeeding, but there's a new feeling satisfied after 40 minutes.
In addition, the distance of time can also affect breastfeeding. Babies who are given once every three hours to drink, for example, sucking needs will be less than babies who were given a drink 4 hours. "So the more often your baby is given the opportunity to nurse the baby more often able to meet the needs of sucked," he continued.
Some experts also said that breastfed babies are more rare than the breast sucking from a bottle. "If there was breastfed babies but still sucking fingers, could be due to a lack of nursing time. For example, the need menyusunya 40 minutes, but he was only given 20 minutes, so he was not satisfied suck. "Ideal feeding time, the light of Betty, about 30 to 40 minutes. "In the 20th minute the mother's milk actually empty, but the baby still sucking nipples sucked on her mother to meet the needs."

Or a pacifier Glove

The problem, parents like uncomfortable seeing a baby sucking fingers. Fear, sucking fingers will become a habit until after infancy. If it were so, it would be very difficult to eliminate them. Besides, if this habit persists, it will inhibit the growth of the gums and teeth. That is why, not infrequently gives parents an alternative solution by putting on gloves. In fact, according Nartono, it has not solved the problem, instead be inviting danger. "Could be, not you, baby mittens instead insert it into your mouth? Well, if gloves were sucked-sucking continues, of course, got wet. In wet conditions, germs and dirt will be more easily attached. So, instead of gloves have a bad impact for the baby, "he explained.
In addition to gloves, sometimes parents also like to give a dummy / pacifier. At first, anyway, as the baby is still fussy but had been given breast milk. They worry that if the drinking added, even so the baby vomited because of overfeeding or overload (too many feeds). Well, so that the baby was fussy and threw up, diberilah dummy / pacifier. In contrast to the finger, according Nartono, dummy / pacifier was not so influential to the development of the gums and teeth, because the dummy was not as hard fingers. In addition, the dummy / pacifier is the object outside the infant's body, so how to let go of habits mengempeng relatively easier than that sucked when the finger.
But with mengempeng, which means more air into the baby's stomach so the baby will be easily congested. In addition, in terms of hygienic, dummy / pacifier could have fallen and are keeping the baby wash lazily back. "Usually, when the pacifier falls wiped enough clothes for a while in the caregivers, directly inserted back into the baby's mouth. Well, this, right, could be problematic for babies. "
In other words, good gloves and a dummy / pacifier, it will create new problems when used as a substitute for the fingers. So, how, dong, better?

Stop Self

According to Betty, parents need not actually too worried, because the habit of finger sucking will stop by itself. But with the record, provided the baby grows in a fun environment. "So babies do not need to be forced to stop sucking his fingers, let alone until his finger is pulled from his mouth. Precisely when forced, he will be more frustrated and end up sucking harder to overcome his frustration. "Better, suggestions, Betty, let the first. "Parents need to give tolerance to meet the needs of the baby can suck it." Anyway, eventually it will stop their own habits. Besides, as has been described above, sucking fingers is a sign the baby was healthy and normal. Also, is one of the needs of infants from birth to age 3 months. So it was natural. In fact, Betty says, until the age of 7 months too, the habit of finger sucking in infants is still considered normal.
Another case when after the age of 7 months babies still continue the habit of sucking fingers. "Parents should find out the cause," suggested Betty. Maybe baby, including the type that require a longer time to feed. So, try to lengthen the time to feed. After all, he will not satiate. Did not actually have an empty breast?
But if this method does not also solve the problem, sucking frequency even in fact be more frequent, then the parents returned to find the cause. "It could be baby looking for a replacement something, then he gets a thumbs-up as an object penghiburnya. Is not the finger is the object closest to him? "
If the baby gain a sense of comfort from his thumb, continued Betty, she could be experiencing boredom, frustration, or even exhausted. "His case is similar to babies who seek security from the surrounding objects, such as blankets, pillows or dolls."
Even so, remember Betty, still, parents should not force the baby to immediately stop the habit. "Try to divert his attention to other activities that attract him. For example, create a game with the hand or fingers, such as playing applause. Obviously, this game should be memorable for him. "It could also give or replace the fun toys with a special toy to bite. But do not forget, make sure toys are safe and clean.
When all these ways it still did not work out, according to Betty, parents need not actually too worried over the growth of normal. So, even though babies have a habit of sucking fingers, but she's still playful and cheerful, yes, it's okay. But if he starts daydreaming and activities throughout the day just sucking fingers, then parents should not worry. Consultation with experts is that the best alternative if the parents can not even find the cause and deal with it.

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