10 Tactics Sweet Child Overcome picky eater

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You do not easily upset or hurt, when facing toddler picky eater. Fatigue you already made food, but then did not eat. Ideally, this would make you up the challenge to be creative and varied menu of different ways of eating. Here are 10 tricks you can try telling that practice:

* Tray of different colors. Serve small pieces of different kinds of fruit, snack foods, cakes, etc. on a tray that interesting.
* Dipped. This is one way to eat your favorite child-ana. For example, a biscuit dipped in milk first before entering the mouth.
* Dabbed. Apply it first thing in the top surface of the food. For example, ajaridia butter, jam, fruit jam kacangatau on a piece of bread, biscuits or krekers.

* Straws. Encourage children to make different smoothies, fruit juice mixed with milk or cream wheep, and serve with a straw. Beep sruput suction caused a sensation that makes children enthusiastic.
* Mini is more. Cut a variety of foods in a variety of interesting shapes and sized mini. For example, a mini sandwich with triangles and rectangles, then given a toothpick ornaments
* Decorated. Every toddler, who at least hooked makanpun, would be tempted to taste when I saw the decorated food interesting.
* Dining together. Invite your friends Your Toddler, or nephew (what else is hooked to eat) to accompany children to eat. Usually, this will change the attitude of children who love food picky.
* Provide in small portions, because the stomach is small.
* Involve the cook (start of the process of shopping, preparation, to presentation). He will be more appetizing taste his own.
* Change menu. For example, the original fried rice for breakfast, exchanged for the dinner menu. Then, pizza for breakfast, and puddings and fruit juices for lunch. Importantly, the calorie needs are met.

Picky eater tips facing child
* Make sure children meikmati balanced nutrition with meals containing protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.
* Vary the foods so that children do not get bored and get to know new foods.
* Make a habit of eating together for the child eat a good example moved from parents.

source: website Ayahbunda
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