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Source Republika, Sunday, September 22, 2002
''Ah, ancient. It's a habit of the villagers.''So maybe some parents assessment of infant massage. Such assessment is unfortunate. Because in fact, infant massage is very beneficial for the new little creature was born into that world.

Many studies have proven that. One was conducted by experts from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Miami in 1986. Led by Tiffany M. Field PhD, the researchers studied premature babies who were given a massage (therapeutic touch). Apparently, premature babies are massaged regularly every day shows the physical and emotional development are better than babies who were not massaged.

Benefits of infant massage expert also expressed by Dr. Utami Roesli SpA neonatology. He said that premature babies are massaged for ten days will experience weight gain 20 to 40 percent greater than premature babies who are not massaged. In addition, he said, babies are massaged for five days, the body resistance will increase by 40 percent compared to babies who were not massaged.
Massage the baby was not only affect the physical and emotional growth of infants. If done by a father for example, then that baby massage can increase milk production (BMS) on the mother's body. This is the empowerment''father,''he said. But what about an explanation?

Utami said, when a father took the initiative to massage the baby, it would generate positive feelings on the wife. Initiatives husband makes the wife feel loved, comfortable, and other positive feelings. And feeling like this will stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin. To note, this hormone is very useful to facilitate milk production. Research shows that 80 percent of the production of the hormone oxytocin is influenced by maternal psychological condition.

In addition, infant massage will make your baby hungry faster. It is said Utami, the more milk sucked by the baby (breastfeeding), then the milk production increased. This is because in the process of milk production apply the law of supply and demand. That is, the more milk removed, the more milk is produced. And vice versa.

Massage ordinance
Given the benefits that are not small, it is appropriate that the parents apply this touch therapy to their baby. How, follow these tips.

Before you begin to massage, do some preparatory steps, namely:
* Wash hands.
* Avoid nails and jewelry that can scratch baby's skin.
* Room to try massaging warm and not stuffy.
* The baby finished eating or not in a state of hunger.
* Try not to be disturbed in fifteen minutes to do the massage.
* Lay the baby on a soft cloth and clean flat.
* Mother / father sitting in a comfortable position.
* Before the massage, ask for permission to babies by stroking her face while talking.

After preparation, the massage can begin. Here's an example of how to massage the baby's body parts:

* Massage feet
Begin by holding the baby's feet at the groin like how to hold a softball bat. Move your hand down alternately like milking and the round.

Hold the groin with his hands together to squeeze and play with the baby's feet gently from the groin to the ankle. Then, foot sorted with two thumbs alternately starting from the heel to the sole of the foot. Massage your toes one by one by turning away from the palm, ending tug gently on each finger. Then, squeeze and roll the ankle with your thumb and other fingers. Wipe baby's feet with gentle pressure from the groin to the end.

* Baby's stomach
Massage the baby's stomach from top to bottom like a bicycle pedaling motion. Massage from the upper left side stomach down with your fingers to form the letters I and L reversed.

* Massage the chest
Create a movement upward through the neck and then to the right and left side above the clavicle to form the image of heart and returned to the pit of the stomach. Diagonal movement in the chest (the letter X) from left to right.

* Massage the baby's arms
Squeeze and turn with both hands gently from shoulder to wrist. Massage the palm of the hand with the thumb from the palm to the fingers. Wipe the back of his hand from the wrist to the fingers gently. Squeeze around the wrist with the thumb and forefinger.

* Massage the face
Put your thumb between the baby's eyebrows. Massage gently with your thumb on the brow and upper eyelid. Massage from the mid-brow drops down through the side of the fold nose.

* Massage your back
Tengkurapkan crosswise. Back massage with movement back and forth along his back from buttocks to neck. Make a circular motion with the fingers begin to limit back up to the buttocks.

Benefits of Infant Massage (source Pontianak Post Sunday, August 15, 2004).
SINCE the child was born, biasakanlan for massage. The touch is gentle and reassuring to make your child feel comfortable. But that's not all, here is another advantage to be gained little from massage, such as the following.

* Help her to be able to sleep soundly.
* Develop intelligence and psychomotor skills.
* Helps baby learn to relax.
* Improving the bonding and communication with parents.
* Improve the function of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, nervous and immune systems.
* Helps relieve or alleviate the inconvenience caused. abdominal pain (colic), shortness of breath, and teething.
* Reduce stress hormone production.
* Reducing the fussy baby.
* Increase confidence because they feel loved, accepted and responded.
* Helps improve ability to speak.

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