What Your Child Learning Style?

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Not everyone processes information the same way. That's why we need to know how the brain works style translated into different learning styles also vary. Parents can find out the potential and learning styles of children in detail by testing the potential and talent of children.

By knowing the differences are fundamental forces of this, parents and teachers will be easier to find references to the most effective learning style for children or students to students. According to experts, there are several models of learning styles:

1. Type VISUAL
This is the tendency of learning styles by using the sense of vision. In this model of learning styles, visual data information is divided into data in the form of text (writings, letters, numbers, symbols) and the form of images (photos, diagrams).

Visual types of child characteristics:
More easily remembered by looking, more like reading, when he was given instructions to do something, usually will see other people do first and then he himself is acting. Children in this group also can sit quietly while studying in the middle of a noisy and crowded situations without being disturbed.

Constraints of the visual type, among others, do not like speaking in front of the group and do not like to listen to others, know what to say but can not express with words, and messy handwriting so illegible. Children from the visual group was also typically less able to remember information presented orally.

How to stimulate:
Use a variety of graphics to convey information or subject matter. The device can be graphic films, slides, illustrations, graffiti, or radiant picture cards that can be used to explain the information in sequence. Ask the children to memorize by imagining an object or material that is being studied.

2. Type Auditory
Type Auditory learning style is the tendency to use the sense of hearing. In this learning style model information divided into data in the form of language and tone.

Auditory characteristics of children types:
Easy to remember from what he heard and didiskusikannya. Glad to read or listen, preferring to write back something, like reading aloud, could repeat what he heard, like the discussion, talk or explain at length. Children with auditory type generally enjoys the art of music and easy to learn a foreign language.

Constraints children with auditory type, among others, tend to be much talk, unable to learn in an atmosphere of noise or fuss, especially if the child has a weak concentration. Children are also more attention to information he had heard, so less interested in considering new things in their environment.

How to stimulate:
Provide children with a tape recorder to record all the material taught in school. Involve children in discussions, try to read out the information, then summarize it with the form of oral and recorded for later played and understood.

3. Type kinesthetic
The tendency of learning styles by using the senses of the body. In the kinesthetic learning style model, information is divided into data in the form of movement and touch.

Characteristics of children Kinesthetic type:
Likes to touch everything he encountered, like doing everything possible in such hands on, lots of physical movement and have a good body coordination, like the activities that occupy a physical game, preferring to demonstrate something than to explain.

Obstruction: difficult child learn things in the abstract, can not learn in schools that conventional style where the teacher explains and the children sat silently. Energy capacity of children is quite high, so if not distributed will affect the concentration of study.

How to stimulate:
Schooling at the school that embraces active learning system where students are heavily involved in the learning process. That way, the ability to develop optimally. For students who have excess energy capacity, should be given physical activity, such as sports or arts activities. Energize by giving freedom of activity prior to learning, so that children can sit still during the study.
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