In order for Little Avoided Of Harassment

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Teach about sex education and train him to say "no" to people trying to touch certain parts of his body.
Neither he nor Buyung Upik certainly do not know what sexual harassment is, until he did not understand what the consequences for himself. In fact, he thinks, the om or aunt groping parts of her body for affection and attention on it. Moreover, the perpetrator is usually first to be seduced, either by the lure of food, toys, and even invited the streets. Of course he would be happy, until he were happy when treated so, because he did not understand. Parents will not know if her son had been sexually abused because there was no complaint from him.
Another thing, if the child until raped. Because there is penetration, she automatically felt pain until it becomes something unpleasant for him. Although he had lured a gift. Henceforth, we can be sure he will rebel and will no longer be treated as such when the perpetrator back to persuade him. In fact, it is also possible to easily detectable also by the parents because the baby will definitely show the behavior of "strange" such as frequently complained of pain in the sex organs.
Ignorance of the child that she experienced sexual harassment, but because of limitations in cognitive abilities, according to Alma Nadhira, Psi., Also because there is no input in his mind that it should not be until he experienced. "In Indonesia, right, there are still many who think sex is a taboo to talk about, let alone a toddler. In fact, often parents do not consider such a thing is important to teach preschool children," said psychologist at Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta .
That is why, he continued, frequent sexual harassment and rape of children under five who performed both adults and teenagers. Often, right, we hear or read the news? In fact, the culprit is often the parents of the victim himself, which should protect it and not even harm a child. It is tragic indeed!

Of course we do not want that to happen to your child, right? Especially in the Upik generally often become easy targets of the perpetrators. Well, in order to avoid child sexual abuse, the first thing we should do would have been removing old-fashioned notion that talking about sex to children under five is taboo. Otherwise, how can we educate the child to be able to take care of myself?
You see, to prevent your child from sex abuse, willy-nilly, we must teach sex education. As Nadhira said, "We must give the child, input or knowledge about sex early on." Certainly not the intimate knowledge of the sex of the husband-wife relationship, but rather to introduce the parts of her body as sensitive as the thighs, chest, buttocks, penis, and lips.
"Tell the children that these parts should not be seen and touched someone else, besides her parents and medical personnel. In fact, for medical personnel and must also be accompanied by a parent's permission," explained Nadhira. For example, "Son, parts of your body that is baseball may be held by someone else, yes. If there are others who try, say, Mother said, that baseball may be good for baseball. If people were forced or to hurt you just shout and immediately said to the mother or father, yes. "
In addition, explain to your child what sex abuse. Course delivery should always be using simple language and easy to understand his age. For example, "Son, if there are other people who like touching your body organs that baseball should hold the same of others, that his name had been sexually abused you. Likewise, if there is a peek at you in the shower."
Then, point out to him that in addition to a stranger, it could be someone close to him would do such sexual harassment, "Son, who could perform the sexual harassment was not only foreigners but also the people who are near you, whether teachers, friends, or sisters. Thus, even though you know them, still should not do that to you. If anyone is doing that, say, yes, the same mother or father. " At the end of the explanation has always stressed that he told the parents if you have it.

Next, teach to say "no" if anyone abusing it. "For that he must be trained reflexes to refuse if there is going to abuse him sexually." For example, "If anyone give us candy to you on condition of held-hold, ye how? Say, like baseball, so, yes?" Or, "If anyone touching you, you how? Shouts, huh?"
Of course, not just words, but must be accompanied by practice. "Parents hold the thigh or other sensitive body parts, and then told him, 'You should be doing if dibeginikan at someone other than mother and father?" If the child says, 'I'll tell her that the word Mother was not good and if forced I'd cried and said to the Mother and Daddy. ", Meaning his training work."
Once the child is fluent with practice, we can do it but suddenly without any known child to see his reaction. If he shows such rejection reaction during the first practice, a sign that he was quite ready and would refuse if he wanted to be abused.
Of course, this exercise should be done consistently, continuously, and in a pleasant atmosphere like a child at play. "If not, can-can of what we taught him to be useless. Children will feel bored or switch to something else," says Nadhira.

Parents also must be an example for children, by not doing so on a niece or a childhood friend. Even if we do not intend to conduct sexual harassment, but only joking, for example. If we ignore this, your child will bombard us with criticisms and questions, "Pa, he says it's good baseball. Kok, touching thighs Papa's brother. Kan., he was not the son of Papa," for example. Finally, it is quite possible the child will be considered if there are valid so it is normal and usual because his parents were rather do it on his brother or his friends. Alas, right?
Remember, lo, the impact of sexual abuse experienced by children is great. Although usually the child will feel it when she grows up, either when sitting in junior high or high school. Is not the time usually he would know from a variety of information that it is not good? If he knew then, obviously Nadhira, could be the child will feel shock or even trauma, because he realized that what was once experienced as a child is something that should not he experienced. "Carried to its extreme, he may feel that he has been tainted, vile, dirty, and so on. In fact, he could blame the stupidity of himself and eventually spread to other things. For example, baseball wanted to marry, a grudge against the opposite sex, frigid, or even develop into a mental illness. "



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