Learning styles in children

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Learning in Formal does not always fun. Especially if you have to learn to be forced. For example, you have to learn, because that's the only way to pass, get a job or even a promotion. Another example of compulsion is if you enjoy learning in class while you're forced to study at the Open University (UT) which has a learning system jarakjauh.

Facing the necessity to learn is definitely not a fun thing. It will not be easy for someone to learn to concentrate if he feels forced. Therefore, you need to find a way how to learn to be fun, or .... although it had to, but can be more easily and effectively.
Experts in the field of education seeks to develop a theory of learning styles as a way to find a way so that learning becomes easy and enjoyable. As we know, learning requires concentration. Circumstances to concentrate very much related to your learning style. If you recognize the learning style, then you can manage on what conditions, where, when, and how you can maximize your learning. What style of learning?

How to choose a person who tends to receive information from the environment and process that information.
How to choose a person who tends to receive information from the environment and process that information.

Learning styles of each person affected by natural factors (disposition) and environmental factors. So there are certain things that can not be changed in a person even with the exercise though. But there are also things that can be trained and adapted to an environment that sometimes it can not be changed.
Recognize own learning style. not necessarily make you smarter. But by recognizing the learning styles, you will dapatmenentukan belajaryang more effective way. You know how to use the ability to learn secaramaksimal, sehinggahasilbelajarmu be optimal.
In the book Quantum Learning presented three learning modalities someone that is "the modalities of visual, auditory or kinesthetic (VAK). Although each of us learn by using all three of these modalities at a certain stage, most people are more likely in one of three ".

1. Visual (learning by seeing)
Glances upward when speaking; spoke quickly. For students who study visual style, which plays an important role are the eyes / vision (visual). In mi hai teachers use teaching methods that should be more / emphasis on demonstration / media, invite them to the objects associated with these lessons, or by showing peraganya tools directly on the students or draw on the board. Children with visual learning styles rnempunyai should see the body language and facial expressions to understand the subject matter teacher. They tend to sit in front so you can see clearly they think using pictures in their brains and learn more quickly by using visual displays, such as diagrams, illustrated textbooks. and video in the classroom, children prefer visual record until the details to obtain information,

The characteristics of the visual learning style:
a. Talk a little faster
b. Concerned with the appearance of dress / presentation
c. Not easily distracted by noise
d. Mengingatyang seen, than heard
e. Prefer to read from the read
f. The reader quickly and diligently
g. Often knowing what to say, but not good at choosing words
h Prefer meiakukan demonstration rather than speech
i. More like music than art
j. Having trouble remembering verbal instructions unless they are written, and often enlist the help of someone to repeat it.

Strategies to facilitate the learning process of visual children:
k. Use visual material, such as pictures, diagrams and maps
I. Use color to menghilite important things.
m. Encourage children to read books illustrated
n. Use of multimedia (contohnya'komputer and video)
o. Encourage the child to try to illustrate his ideas into the picture


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