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2. Auditory (learn by listening)
Glances to the left / right horizontal when talking, talking mediocre. Students who rely on the success of the auditory type of learning through the ears (hearing instrument). For that student teachers should have to pay attention to the hearing instrument. Children who have auditory learning styles can learn more quickly by using verbal discussion and listen to what the teacher says. Auditory child can digest the meaning conveyed mejalui voice tone, pitch (high-low), speed of speech and other auditory things. Written information sometimes has little meaning for children auditory listening. Children are like this usually can memorize more quickly by reading the text aloud and listening to tapes. The characteristics of auditory learning style:
a. When working like bicaa to yourself
b. Neat appearance
c. Easily distracted by noise
d. Learning by listening and remembering what was discussed rather than being viewed
e. Enjoy reading aloud and listening
f. Move their lips and say the writing on the book when reading
g. Usually he is a fluent speaker
h. Better at spelling out loud rather than writing
i. Prefer oral rather than read a comic joke
j. Having problems with tasks involving visual
k. Speaking in a patterned rhythm
I. Can repeat and imitate the tone, rhythm and timbre
Strategies to facilitate children's learning process auditory:
m. Encourage the child to participate in discussions either in class or in the family.
n. Encourage children to read aloud the subject matter.
0. Use music to teach children.
p. Discuss ideas with the child verbally.
q. Let the children recording their learning materials into kasetdan encourage him to listen to before bed.

3. Kinesthetic (learning how to move, work and touching)
Glance down when talking, speak more slowly. Children who have a kinesthetic learning styles learn through moving, touching and doing. Such a child is difficult to sit still for hours because their desire for activity and exploration is very strong. Students who learn this style of learning through movement and touch. The characteristics of kinesthetic learning styles:
a. Speaking slowly
b. Neat appearance
c. Not too easily distracted by noise situation
d. Learning through practice of manipulating and
e. Memorizing by walking and seeing
f. Using a finger as a guide when reading
g. Found it difficult to write but great for storytelling
h. Love the books and they reflect the action with body movement while reading
i. Liking the game a busy
j. Unable to remember the geography, unless they had been in place
k. Touching people to get their attention Using words that contain the action

Strategies to facilitate the learning process anak'kinestetik:
a. Do not force children to study for hours.
b. Encourage the child to learn while exploring their environment (for example: invite him to read while
cycling, use real objects to learn new concepts).
c. Allow children to chew gum at the time of learning.
d. Use bright colors to high high to the important things in the passage.
e. Allow children to learn while listening to music.
Learning styles can determine the learning achievement of children. If given the strategy that suits their learning style, children can develop better. Automatic learning styles depending on the learners. There are several learning styles that ordinary people do, among others:
1. Learning with Words
This style can we start by asking a friend who likes to play with language, such as telling stories and reading and writing. This learning style is fun because it can help us to remember names, places, dates, and other things by listening and then mention it.
2. Learning to Question
For some people, learning more effective and useful if it diiakukan way to play with any questions. For example, we are fishing ke'inginan knowledge with various questions. Each time the answer came, chased with questions, to obtain the final results or conclusions.
3. Learning with Pictures
There are some people who prefer to learn by creating images, design, view pictures, slides, video or film. People who have this passion usually have a certain sensitivity in capturing an image or color, to be sensitive in making the changes, compose and read the cards.
4. Learning with Music
Beat rhythms, songs, and maybe play one musical instrument, or always listening to music. There are many people who like to remember a variety of information in a way given the musical notation or melody. This is referred to as the rhythm of life. They tried to get the latest information about the various things by remembering the music or the notes which could then make searching for information related to it. For example ^ egarkan to jazz, ialu tergeliik how the song was made, who made, where, and at what kind of song that appears. Information that accompanies the song, could not merely a story about music, but also human, technological, political and social situation at a certain time.
5. Learning by Moving
Human motion, touching, talking and using body untnk express ideas is one way of learning fun. They are usually easy to understand or absorb the information in this way is among the dancers, sportsmen. So if you include an active group, no one trying to learn while doing various fun activities such as dancing or exercising.
6. Learning to Socialize
Join and mingle with others is the best way of getting information and learn quickly. By association, we can absorb new information quickly and easily understand it. And usually, the information obtained in this way, will take longer recorded in the memory.
7. Learning with Loneliness
There are some people who likes to do everything, including learning to be alone. For those who like it, usually prefer quiet and space tempatyang maintained her privacy. If you include anything like this, then have a private room can be very useful to study independently.

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