Beware of Toxic Toys on the Mall

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JAKARTA, - The parents should be more careful in choosing again and give toys to children. Because the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) has recently found many educational toys on the market contain harmful ingredients.

In March 2011, YLKI with the Department of Chemistry, University of Indonesia Natural Sciences conduct tests on several types of educational toys that are sold in some places, like the toy market, ITC, and the malls or shopping centers in five areas of Jakarta.

Some places are a sampling site is the big malls, such as ITC Brass, Ciputra Mall, ITC Cempaka Mas, Pejaten Village, and Senayan City. But there are also drawn from leading toy market, such as baggy Market.

From the test results YLKI research staff found that many educational toy products that contain chemicals harmful to health.

"Call it a lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and kromim (Cr). In addition to the content of these chemical substances, physical appearance is also not safe educational toys for children. Cat is easily peeled off, the smell and colors are very striking, and the lack of clear information in this educational toy packaging, "said Noor Jehan, the research staff of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation, on Wednesday (1/25/2012) at his office.

Noor added that the YLKI doing right now is just a fraction of the toys that children often use. According to him, there are many other types of toys that may contain hazardous chemicals, such as crayons and wax.

Meanwhile, Sunardi, MSi, Head of Laboratory of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department of Chemistry Affiliate-University of Indonesia, said the content of heavy metals contained in paints on toys for children are usually used in dyes and additives. "The majority of these educational toys contain metals Pb, Hg, Cr, and Cd, with varying values," he said.

The following are the harmful effects of heavy metal contamination on the health of children, as described by Sunardi:

Lead (Pb)

- It causes anxiety, fatigue, and depression, damage to the digestive system, nausea, abdominal pain accompanied by diarrhea.
- Damaging the central nervous system so numb and vetigo. Symptoms include severe paralis several muscle groups, causing limp wrists and ankles, then will be followed by convulsions and coma.

Mercury (Hg)

- Causing damage to the balance, deafness and other disorders, bronchitis, lung damage, and cause kidney failure.

Chromium (Cr)

- It causes lung cancer, liver and kidney damage. If contact with skin causes irritation and if ingested can cause stomach pain and vomiting.

Cadmium (Cd)

- Destructive blood vessels. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure and kidney damage.

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