Tips Avoid mercury Kid Toys

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Jakarta - There are many ways for parents to avoid buying educational toys that contain substances harmful to the baby. One of them, selecting toys which the color is not conspicuous.

"To the parents to choose toys that are flashy and the colors do not read the label or the information contained on the packaging. At the very least to be more aware of what the product has been purchased and if anything happens to directly report," said Staff Researcher Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI), Noor Jenah, in a press conference at the Office of YLKI, Jewel, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/25/2012).

Noor urged for children under three years of age should not buy toys with small size. This prevents the toy is not easily swallowed.

Said to him, to toys of wood should be selected that finely textured. Rough wood fiber can be a breeding ground for insects.

"Toys are expensive is also not necessarily have good quality and get used to wash their hands after playing with your child," said the veiled woman is.

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