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Do not worry he will be injured or become quasi-hero. It is precisely from here he learned the discipline and obedience. Motor development was better.

Hearing the word "martial", which might be imagined in our minds is violence involving physical fights. No wonder so many parents are "allergic" to the sport this one. Let alone for the little toddlers, children who grow up can be prevented even if not to get into martial arts club.

But what's going on outside? Lately, even flare up a special martial arts club toddler. In fact, a playground and preschool too much to include martial arts as one of the extracurricular activities. Well, if the "school" there is little activity, it is quite possible he will insist on coming. While we worry about the little guy will be injured or even later became builders fight.

Highlighting SPORTS

Indeed, including the type of exercise combattive martial sport. That is, the combat sport involving full body contact. These sports involve physical contact with another person who is deemed a threat, then attack. Martial sports of many kinds, mostly from East Asia, namely Japan and Korea. There is also derived from native Indonesia as martial arts.

But behind the punch and kick, martial arts contain discipline, obedience, and highlight the priority nature of moral kependekaran. "So, martial arts self-defense rather than attack, but instead deliberately showing off cleverness kicks and punches," said Drs. Andre Tuwaidan, taekwondo martial arts trainer for toddlers. Besides, he adds, self-defense for children is emphasized more on the elements of the exercise, not beladirinya.

"Techniques kick, jump, and punch taught in infants is also very different from adults." Among children under five, kick and punch no attention to the intensity and strength, but rather to see whether his position is correct or not. "It can help children to have good posture, which in turn will make the child has high self-confidence."

In addition, at each dozjang (taekwondo martial arts sports association), in terms of moral and discipline are also taught. Of waiting to kick in, for example, children learn to be patient and disciplined. In short, Andre said, as he taught martial arts movements, children are also trained to obey and follow all patient instructions.


Psychologists Monty P. Satiadarma, MS / AT, MCP / MFCC, PSI agreed that if the martial arts in young children is directed to health, rather than combatting the elements you'll enjoy it.

Moreover, exercise is very beneficial for the child's motor development. Exercise kick, for example, could strengthen the leg muscles. Is not the very small in this age love to kick and jump as did his hero characters in the movies? "Well, come exercise with martial arts, children learn kicking and jumping techniques that correct, until he was injured due to the possibility of imitating the movements of the characters can be minimized," says Andre.

But in teaching it, Monty suggested that self-defense trainer also reproduce aspects of the element of play and develop a child's socialization. "The world is the world's children play. Activities whatever we give him, should not abandon the pattern of play. Children gather with their peers and should be having fun with activities," said the dean of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Tarumanagara it when encountered on different occasions.

Monty also suggested that given the first instruction is a health and fitness. "Children are given exercises that can help support healthy growth and psychomotor." Afterwards, a little moral taught by the planting of discipline. "The nature kependekaran grown slowly as not to attack first, to recognize the weaknesses, and other properties kependekaran that uphold moral and discipline."


Only, Monty did not agree when it is in teaching, children are introduced to the concept of the enemy. "Who was the enemy and his form like anything, it is still too early to introduce children under five." Moreover, in the preschool years, the main aspect is to grow, grow. "Well, he has not grown, really, was told to survive, defending yourself. Meanwhile, to make him grow up, right, there should be a stimulus from the outside." That's because, psychologist athletes at the National Sports Commission of Indonesia (KONI) is further agreed that if the self-defense only for the sport and the formation of the discipline, rather than emphasizing on her self-defense.

Fortunately, the martial arts coach for toddlers is also aware of it. "In the toddler classroom, it has not been taught the concept of the enemy. There's just kicking a large stuffed crocodile which we call the Crocodile Attack," said Andre. With the understanding that the concentrations and combinations will produce a great leap of the success of "saving" themselves from an "attack" the harm. "The clubs are good, the child will not be faced with a friend as a rival, even if only for practice."

Monty agreed. "If you're using a friend as a rival, then it leads to combatting the elements rather than sports," he said, anyway, when the child is taught to fight against a friend at an early age, it is not aware of the established concept of predator on her, which is being who like to conquer his own. "Children, do not you, not the predator, but the human being. So, if we want children to have the attitude of human being, manusiakanlah children in terms of moral, rather than taught against fellow human being."

Andre agreed. "His name alone sport martial arts, self defense, not attacking others. Nature of martial arts warrior, did not he fight if attacked, instead of attacking first to show kejagoannya. Even as much as possible to avoid a fight."

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