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Of course, by learning martial arts, children also develop a sense of awareness. He would have a cautious attitude toward the environment that could threaten. Referring to the literature of child behavioral psychology Jerry Wykoff, Barbara C. Dorothy Law Nolte and Unell, children ages 4 years and above need to be taught to know and have their own skills to face the danger of so-called knowledge of sense of awareness. Although we do not expect your child to face danger, but growing wariness could help him feel things to watch out or invite danger.

Well, in sport martial arts, especially taekwondo, says Andre, a sense of awareness is taught through a method Crocodile Attack earlier. There is a "crocodile" is threatening and should be resisted. "Since the concept of an unknown enemy in the preschool years, then the danger is illustrated by the parable of alligator as a bad guy who must be resisted," he explained.

However, Monty warned, do not let one teach hazard analysis in children. "If it is wrong, be careful, children can develop into a paranoid, looking at everyone with suspicion." So, strictly speaking, the pattern of teaching sense of awareness must be careful not to over-correct and make the child paranoid. "The threat of life is great, but kids do not fear fear. Cautious attitude should be developed wisely. Martial arts can be a part for the challenges in life, but when science should be issued, must be wisely taught. Remember, at the age of the children, Child safety is fully dependent parents. " It means being alert can be taught, but the safety of children remains the responsibility of parents.


Well ma'am, sir, how? Now do not worry anymore, right, if your child join martial arts? Monty's advice, find a club that direction over the medical establishment and benefit the psychomotor development of children. "Find a club whose writing Toddler Sports Clubs Martial Arts, Martial Arts Club Toddler not. It shows the club is putting pressure on the sport, not beladirinya." In addition, the coach should also know the physical and psychological development of children, and child growth sturuktur.

However, we should not just focus solely on the martial sport. "It's OK to put the child into the club but do not need every day. Punctuated selinglah with other sports such as swimming or walking," said Monty. The goal is that your child is also familiar with various types of sports.

What to Look For

* Select the type of martial sports that do not use the tool but rely more on movement such as jumps and kicks. For example, modern taekwondo or other martial sports.

* Children with body posture can follow any martial sport. But if your child has a specific disease such as asthma or heart, tell the instructor that portion of the exercise or movements do not harm your baby.

* Sports clubs are a good martial toddlers, namely:

- Allow the child participate in class for some time without joining as a member first. Having children really interested, then registered to the club. So, if your child is not interested, we should not force it.

- The instructor has a certificate and have special knowledge about the psychological and physical growth of children. Especially knowledge of the physical growth of children is very important, so the instructor can know the intensity and power of kicks and jumps on the child, to not injure the leg and foot muscles growing child.

- Equipped P3K and instructors have the knowledge of an emergency like a fall.

- Not using a system of penalties. Children had to be disciplined and obedient to follow instructions, but when children make mistakes no matter what the punishment is applied.

- I know the rate increase to avoid jealousy that often occurs in children under five.

* To avoid possible injury to your child while practicing techniques kick / jump in the home, parents should be present during the child's training. That way, parents can see the correct technique is taught and fix it when the kids practice at home.

Very Helpful Create Si Upik

Do not be afraid of the Upik going to be a tomboy or a female ass hero. In fact, when the Upik very interested in this sport, could be continued up to school age. Moreover, with the Upik have martial skills, "the future is very useful to avoid interference from the world harashment men often want to dominate women," says Paul Mc. Callum in his book, The Parent's Guide to Teaching Self-Defense.

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