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Thursday, September 3, 2009 | 22:37 pm

JAKARTA, - Still imprint on our memories of events of mass panic when thousands of people in Jakarta earthquake rocked Tasikmalaya (2 / 9) and. Especially those who were in the buildings of skyscrapers.

An earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale, based in southwest Tasikmalaya made buildings sway in Jakarta, thousands of people suddenly struggling to escape crowded out of the building via the fire escape.
The parents and the thousands of women rushed down the stairs. Can imagine a lot of energy being drained to make a pass. There are also a number of pregnant women who fainted and was rushed to hospital with stomach cramps.

. It turned out that once ran down the stairs outside the building when the earthquake was not the right action. Panic does not have to happen if we know the standard procedure escape when an earthquake happens.

The following practical standards such as the rescue quake released the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) a body which became part of the U.S. Regional Security Department (DHS) through their site.

Survive as safe as possible during the earthquake took place. Be aware that this is the beginning of the earthquake. Aftershocks greater may occur. Minimal movement only to a safe place near you and stay indoors until the shaking stops and you are sure out safely.

If in the room:

  • Immediately ducked to the floor. Take cover under a sturdy table and stay there until the earthquake shaking stops. If you are not near a table, protect the face and head with his arm as he crouched near the corner of the room.
  • Stay away from glass objects, windows, doors and outer walls and anything that could fall like a lamp or furniture items.
  • . If you're lying in bed, still survive. Protect your head with a pillow or if under a heavy light, quickly moved to the nearest safe point.
  • To stay inside until shaking stops and make sure that you are safe to exit. Research shows that most injuries occur when people inside buildings or dense panic to get out of the building.
  • When down the buildings do not use the elevator or escalator.

If the Outdoor:

  • Persist
  • Stay away from buildings, street lights, or any buildings or trees near you.
  • Remain outside until the shaking stops.A total of 120 casualties from the earthquake that occurred since the year 1933 proved, they died because of falling debris and the wall collapsed rubble.Ground movement during an earthquake is rarely the direct cause of death or injury. Most of the victims of the earthquake killed or injured due to collapsed walls crushed, broken glass, or other heavy object falling.

If you are driving:

  • Stop immediately and stay in the car. Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses, or electrical or cable installation.
  • Proceed with caution after the earthquake stopped. Avoid roads, bridges, ramps or areas that may have been damaged by the earthquake.

Jika terperangkap di bawah puing: If trapped under debris:

  • Do not light a fire.
  • Do not move or kick the dust. This can also create a worse crash.
  • Protect your mouth with a handkerchief or cloth shirt.
  • Gently press the wall so that rescuers can find you. Use a whistle if available.Shout only as a last option. Shouting can cause you danger of inhaling dust.

Action on the practical. Ask and discuss other measures to those who have followed the earthquake disaster rescue training. Please note, only a few companies in Indonesia which is based in tall buildings has trained its employees to act in case of special emergency earthquake.

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