Halal certification is important and should be!2

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Without supervision, the label "kosher" will further develop their producers comply taste. Whereas the provisions of halal-haram is crucial issue for consumers.

That's the most important homework is done by LP garus POM-MUI, including thinking about the possibility of making their own testing laboratory - which so far still Nebeng at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Not only that, there are other chores for LPPOM. From a survey conducted at the institution Jabotabek area and other major cities in Java, found no fewer than 69 products that state that is not permitted on the recommendation of both MOH and the MUI. Most of these products are candy products that use gelatin. It could be other products as well as ... ...

On the other hand, there are also new companies get halal certification for some types of direct products claiming all halal products. There is also the first products certified halal MUI (the validity period for two years) but after not been extended again. While halal certification was never revoked again. If the production system used was the same, maybe not a problem. but if you then change the system, either in part or in whole kehalaln affecting the products, then consumers are harmed. This information is to be bridged by LPPOM MUI in order to reach consumers through their site-www.halal MUI.com, or sites that are official working with them, for example web.halalguide.info, and other media.

Finally, if you are a manufacturer of food products / beverages are keen to see the market will, immediately take care of your products kosher certified. Muslim consumers are guaranteed a principled way on the family account will be your loyal customers. And their number in Indonesia is about 160 million loh!

source: infohalal.wordpress.com
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