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By Hadi Nur - March 9, 2009

I just saw the arrogant . That's why I write this article.

In everyday life we may be dealing with a lot of people proud. This is an example of arrogance. A freshman who had entered university I had met and told me that he was rebuked and lectured by a professor because he did not call the teacher to call the 'Professor' - because as a freshman he was not familiar with the professors teach. The 'Professor' to tell that a degree is very difficult.

How to deal with arrogant people? The best way to deal with arrogant people is to understand why he was arrogant. People who are always proud to think that they are right, they think that they are better than most ordinary people.

Causes of arrogance

Arrogance is a defense mechanism used by the subconscious mind (subconcious mind) to prevent people criticize us. If anyone has past experience has been hurt by someone else, he would be arrogant to prevent someone else hurt her. This arrogance will usually be successful as a shield because he will treat those who criticize are those who are not useful and should not be taken into account.

Pride is also caused because someone feels ignored. If a person feels he does not get attention and neglect, are not aware he would be proud to attract the attention of the people who did not notice it.

Arrogance is no more than a shield to cover the inner emptiness and a mechanism to cover up low self-esteem.

How to cope with the arrogant

Faced with arrogant people is easy. Treat them as if the they are not great or more than anyone else - think of them like most other people. Actually only arrogant people who ask for attention. So, if we do not notice it, he will gradually forget the 'greatness'.

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