Practical Tips to Overcome Ovarian Cysts2

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6. Lutein cysts
Cysts are often occurs during pregnancy. Some types of lutein cysts include:

a. Granulosa lutein cysts
Cysts that occur in the corpus luteum ovarian functional. Cysts that arise at the beginning of pregnancy can be enlarged by the excessive accumulation of blood during menstruation and not a result of the tumor. That reached 5-6 cm in diameter cause discomfort in the pelvic area. If broken, there will be bleeding in the abdominal cavity.
In non-pregnant women, these cysts cause delayed menstruation, followed by irregular bleeding.

b. Theca lutein cysts
Cysts are fluid-filled clear and straw-colored. The emergence of this cyst associated with ovarian tumors and hormone therapy.

7. Polycystic ovarian cysts
Cysts that occur because the cysts can not be broken and continuous release an egg. Normally occurs every month. The ovary will swell due to accumulation of these cysts. For polycystic ovarian cysts that persist (persistent), the operation must be done to remove the cyst in order not to cause disruption and pain.
Ovarian cyst is a benign and malignant (cancerous). Usually small cysts are benign. Ovarian cysts are often discovered accidentally on routine examination.

Clinical Manifestation
Clinical manifestations of ovarian cysts include:
1. Often without symptoms.
2. Pain during menstruation.
3. Pain in the lower abdomen.
4. Pain during intercourse.
5. Back pain sometimes radiating to the legs.
6. Sometimes accompanied by pain during urination and / or defecate.
7. Irregular menstrual cycles; could also amount of blood that came out a lot.

The clinical manifestations of ovarian cancer include:
1. Changes in menstruation.
2. Sensation of pain or pain during intercourse (dyspareunia).
3. Digestive disorders that persist, such as: bloating, nausea.
4. Changes in bowel habits, eg, difficult defecation (= constipation, constipation, obstipasi)
5. Changes in urination, such as: frequent urination.
6. Enlarged abdomen, one character is felt tight pants.
7. Loss of appetite or a feeling of early satiety (the stomach feel full).
8. Taste easily tired or feeling is always less energy.
9. Pain in the (bone), lower back (Low back pain).

Enforcement Diagnosis
Diagnosis of ovarian cysts enforced through inspection with ultrasonography or ultrasound (abdominal or transvaginal), screening colposcopy, and blood tests (tumor markers or tumor markers).

Laboratory examination
In practice, if necessary obstetricians will recommend to conduct discharge (which includes: Trichomonas, Candida / Fungal, bacterial rod, coccus bacteria, epithelial, leukocyte, erythrocyte, epithelial, and pH) and hematology, for example: Hb (Hemoglobin) .

1. Observation
If the cyst does not cause symptoms, it is monitored (monitored) for 1-2 months, because functional cysts will disappear on its own after one or two menstrual cycles. This action is taken if not suspicious malignant (cancerous).

2. Operation
If the cyst enlarges, then performed surgery, which is done by taking cyst laparoscopy or laparotomy. Usually for laparoscopic You are allowed to go home on the day of the 3rd or the 4th, while for laparotomy You are allowed to go home on the day of the 8th or 9th.

3. Herbal Therapy
Here are some sample recipes / herbs medicinal plants to overcome according to Prof. ovarian cysts. H.M. Hembing Wijayakusuma:

a. 60 grams fresh white temu 15 grams or 30 grams of dried bitter fresh, boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, filtered, water is taken twice a day, each time drank 150 cc.

b. 30 grams 50 grams of fresh leaves of god Intersection 5 grams mango pulp gods crown dried, boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered, water is taken twice a day, each time drank 200 cc.

c. 60 grams of parasites that live in grass 30 grams of tea tree or grass snake tongue pearl white flowers, boiled with 800 cc of water until the remaining 400 cc, filtered, water is taken twice a day, each time drank 200 cc.

Note: grass snake tongue dry white flowers can be purchased at Chinese drug store with the name of bai hua she she cao. To use the boiling pot soil, pot enamel, or glass pan. Choose one of the above recipe, drink regularly, and still consult a doctor to monitor / evaluate results of therapy.

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