Beware of Dangerous Black Plastic Bag for Health

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Jakarta, Kompas - plastic bag crackle color, especially black, is the most recycled product. Therefore, consumers are expected to be careful and do not use plastic bags to enclose the crackle of food.

"In the recycling process, a history of previously unknown, whether the former pesticide containers, hospital waste, animal or human waste, heavy metal wastes, and others," said Head of the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) Husniah Rubiana Thamrin Akib in Jakarta, Tuesday (14 / 7).

In the recycling process, also added a variety of chemicals that increase the impact of hazards to health. It is recommended that people do not use plastic bags or black crackle recycling is to accommodate the food ready to eat immediately.


The Styrofoam packaging is actually a factory trademark of Dow Chemicals or expandable polystyrene Foamed polystyrene.

According to Husniah, residual styrene monomer that does not come on a Styrofoam can react to the food despite the oily / fatty foods or alcohol, especially in hot conditions.

So far no country in the world that prohibits using styrofoam on the basis of health considerations. Ban policy in several countries related to environmental pollution problems.

According to the styrene monomer JECFA-FAO/WHO not cause health problems if the residue does not exceed 5000 parts per million.

However, people are suggested not to use styrofoam in the microwave packaging, do not use Styrofoam packaging damaged or changed shape to accommodate the food greasy / fatty foods, especially in hot conditions.

Meanwhile, the BPOM supervision of food packaging made from plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) indicates that vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) which can react not come off into food, especially oily / fatty foods or alcohol, especially in hot conditions.

Added in the manufacture of PVC stabilizers, such as compounds of lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), and tin (Sn), to prevent damage to PVC. Sometimes that added flexibility or flexible ester compounds and ester Adipic flalat.

"Residual VCM proved to cause liver cancer, Pb compounds is toxic to the kidneys and nerves, Cd compounds are toxic to the kidneys and can cause lung cancer. Flalat ester compounds can disrupt the endocrine system, "said Husniah.

Test laboratory

BPOM has conducted sampling and laboratory testing of 11 types of food packaging and plastic PVC. The result, one type does not meet the requirements.

For prudence, advised people to notice things like PVC food packaging generally can be identified by the logo reads 03 in the triangle and under no writing PVC triangle.

"Do not use PVC packaging for food with greasy foods or fatty foods or alcohol, especially in hot conditions," said Husniah.

Director of Product Control and Hazardous Materials BPOM Hutapea Roland said, the future need for labeling on packaging. "So far there are, but the label did not specifically required," he said.

For people who want to get more information can contact the Consumer Complaints Service Unit BPOM RI at the telephone number 021-4263333 and 021-32199000 or website

"The warning is to protect the public from adverse health food packaging," said Husniah. (LOC)

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