Why kid always ask?

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Saturday, 14/11/2009 | 07:24 WIB

KOMPAS.com - Questions little as you interrogate? Do not necessarily feel upset. It is a sign that the great curiosity. According to Robert Goldstein, Ph.D., through his book, Book Smart Parents, young children are learning key scientific and observers of what is now and that is in place. Thus, often the child is continuously trying to gather as much information.

The children cling to their parents. That's why he will always ask lots of questions to his parents. The children believe that adults know everything about anything. Children also have their frame of mind that everything aims. So there will be questions that you will be puzzled to answer, for example; "Why high boy?"

At other times, children can also use the questions to ease his fears. For example, "Why is the dog barking?" Or other times, he also will ask many questions or talk constantly because she feels that way, get the full attention of his parents.

However, there are times when you're tired or bored, parents will feel bored or annoyed with the questions of children who tend to strafe. Not infrequently, the children will ask a new question after the parents answered the previous question. There will be times when you find it difficult to know the child wants, because he was not satisfied with the answer he received. Before giving the answer that difficult, you can ask my child needs from point of view, for example by asking, "What do you think about the meaning of that word?" Or, "Think first, about why the dog barking?"

If your child still asking "why" for the umpteenth time, this means that the child still refuses to answer from you because he did not understand your answer. The children have trouble absorbing the fact that no general or not directly related to the experience. For this reason, parents must answer the questions according to level of understanding of children.

If the questions of the child who continually and celotehannya bother you, remember that you do not have to answer all at once. To reduce the question while you're busy counting groceries, try to turn on him, nod your head or say, "Mama hear you, anyway." Even with affirmative or hum of a sign that you've heard it too can make your baby happy. Remember, that communication is important in establishing a relationship. Soon he would enter the teenage phase, when it happens, he will ask more of her friends. When your emotional relationships and have established little early, surely he will continue to communicate with you.
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