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Other symptoms are:
- Frequently changing eye glass
- Double vision in one eye.

Sometimes causes swelling of cataract lenses and the increased pressure inside the eye (glaucoma), which Bosa leading to pain.


Diagnosis based on symptoms and results of eye examination.

# Diagnostic tests are usually performed: a standard eye examination, including slit lamp examination with
# Scan the eye in preparation for cataract surgery.

The only treatment for cataracts is surgery. Surgery is performed if the patient can not see well with the help of glasses to perform everyday kegitannya.
Some patients may feel better eyesight simply by replacing the glass eyes, bifokus glasses stronger or use a magnifying lens. If cataracts do not disturb do not usually necessary surgery. Cataract surgery consists of lifting the lens and replacing them with artificial lenses.

1. Appointment lens
There are 2 kinds of surgery that can be used to lift the lens:
- Surgery ekstrakapsuler: by leaving the lens capsule removed.
To soften the lens thus making it easier lens through a small incision, use high-frequency sound waves (fakoemulsifikasi).
- Surgery intrakapsuler: lens capsule and removed. At this intrakapsuler surgery is rarely performed.

2. Replacement lenses
Patients who had undergone cataract surgery typically will have artificial lenses to replace lenses that have been raised.
This artificial lens is a plastic sheet called intraokuler lenses, lens intraokuler usually inserted into the lens capsule inside the eye.

Cataract surgery is often performed and generally safe. After the surgery are rare infection or bleeding in the eye that can cause serious vision problems.
To prevent infection, reduce inflammation and speed healing, for several weeks after surgery are given eye drops or ointment.
To protect the eyes from injury, sufferers should use glasses or protective goggles made of metal until the surgical wound completely healed.

Primary prevention is to control diseases associated with cataracts and avoiding the factors that accelerate the formation of cataracts. Using sunglasses when outside the room during the day can reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays that enter the eye. Quitting smoking can reduce the risk of cataracts.
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