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You want to be a wise mother to child? One of them you have to smart manage anger. No need explosive, enough to make five steps effective.

This step ..

Accept your anger

When you are angry, say to yourself, 'I am angry' or say to your child, 'Mom angry'. It helps you focus your emotions to yourself, not on your child, let alone anyone else. They do not deserve to be the object of your anger.

What, not who

Understand what is and not who makes you angry. Take, for example, as little fuss, obviously that makes you angry that his action was not himself. Given all that time lasted only.

Pour the contents of the liver

Put all your heart. Say it firmly and luga in the form of anger. 'She was angry, we do not want to eat. What's with you dear? " course, expressions like this makes your child the opportunity to express feelings without feeling judged. Remember, do not need anger exploded.

Finish the source of anger

Quickly accomplish and conditions benahai a source of anger. Berkompromilah with anah. For instance, he refused to eat, ask the reason why not to eat. Well, when your child is ready, he can ask for food back to you. Give 30-minute intervals, to ask him again.


If there were anger energy, soon calm down. Any energy must be channeled. do relaxation, worship, or activities that make you calm. May be more positive if you clean house, cook, or even exercising.

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