Really My baby Late to Talk? (How to Talk Over Mother Specify)

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According to William Sears, MD, and Martha Sears, RN, the results of their research proved that the babies are heard when spoken to his mother. In their book The Baby Book, Everything You Need to Know about Your Baby from Birth to Age Two, they wrote that the way mothers talk to their infants were more decisive in the communication. "Therefore, the mother actually did not have to worry about not be able to communicate with his son.
Usually, the way she speaks naturally obtained. Mother's instinct is to say how he should talk with their children, whether to slow, and then turned hard, and the like, "they said.
Of course, there are also some tips on talking to the baby given these two scientists, namely:

* Seeing your baby.
Look at the baby's eyes before a conversation, and you will get baby's attention and the response has been appreciated.

* Call your child by name.
Babies are not able to associate themselves with a name for the first few months. But, if he is often called by that name, he will feel special because that name has ever heard. Thus, when the mother called him, he'll get carried away glad to hear something familiar.

* Make it simple.
Use sentences with two or three words and pronunciation vowels clarified and amplified, such as: "Raafiii anaak baaaaik". To call yourself, use the word vocation as "Mama" and "Dad", or "Mother" and "Dad", or "Mum" and "Dad".

* Turn the atmosphere.
If there is a cat through, waving his hands, saying, "Bye Mpus", so that your baby understands that the activities are being carried out on cat greeting. Usually, it will be easier to remember words associated with the posture described. You could also do with a clapped her hands when you say something to do with applause, or snapping fingers, or thumbs up, or anything that makes the atmosphere with the baby still alive. Have a baby is likely to sue you more talkative.

* Ask questions.
"Rafi take a shower?" Or "Want Daddy bye-bye?" Is a question which naturally will make the sound at the end of the sentence when the mother expects a response from the fruit of his heart.

* Provide feedback to your baby.
If the baby responds, or when he opened the conversation with 'smile' or body language that captivates dekutan, vokalisasinya imitate and repeat again. By imitating the language, the value of this baby will grow, and the baby will be encouraged to continue to the point.

Well, you're ready to make a pleasant conversation with the baby. Do not doubt and worry, believe that the way you speak will determine the success or failure is more mother-child communication. (Hannie)
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