Cigarette Filters Containing Protein Pig?

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Arie Pratika, 01/04/2010 18:11, Sidney: shocking news comes from research on smoking. Apparently, cigarette filters containing the blood protein hemoglobin or a pig! Really?

The fact was revealed by the research results of researchers from Eindhoven, Holland, Christien Meinderstma, along with Professor of Public Health from University Of Sidney, Simon Chapman. in the research, published a news portal from Australia was mentioned, cigarette filters are intended to capture harmful chemicals.

According to two researchers, research was part of the business and trade secrets. That, said the They, intended to raise awareness of Muslims and Jews are forbidden pork.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has not received the news. However if the research is correct, then the MUI did not hesitate to decide fatwa haram. MUI also will ask BP POM to conduct research on the findings.

Previously, smoking had become a legal matter polemic. Especially, after the Muhammadiyah issued a fatwa that forbids smoking. In fact, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta citizens smoking ban in public places. Nevertheless, the interest of people to smoke remains high.

Will it affect the results of new research? (PAG / SHA)

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