Drinking Water Can be Harmful For Baby

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dr. Tri Rejeki Herdiana

Liputan6.com, Jakarta: Baby under six months old should never be given water to drink. So who are reminded by scientists from Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore, United States, to their parents. Consuming too much water can increase the dangerous condition in babies, or so-called water intoxication.

According to dr. Jennifer Anders, an expert on emergency child of John Hopkins Children's Center, although very small babies, they have a thirst reflex or a stimulant to drink. When they feel thirsty and want a drink, the liquid is required to drink breast milk or formula.

According to Anders, baby's immature kidneys. Give them plenty of water will cause the baby's body out of sodium caused by excess fluid. Losing sodium can affect brain activity. Early symptoms of water intoxication is irritability (and whining), drowsiness, and other mental changes. Other symptoms that can arise is the decrease in body temperature, edema, or swelling around the face, and seizures.

Initial symptoms appear is sometimes less obvious, so the new parents aware of when their baby seizures. However, with handling a fast, spastic symptoms may not appear.

Parents also should avoid giving formula milk with excessive dilution, or a child drinks containing electrolytes.

For some cases, it may be appropriate to give small amounts of water, for example in a state of constipation and during hot weather. However, parents should consult with a healthcare provider that child. Watering is only allowed in the baby as much as one to two ounces of water on each gift.

If parents find their babies suffered water intoxication, or when their baby seizures, they should provide immediate medical attention. (LUC)

source: web kesehatan.liputan6.com
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