How to Easily Appear Younger

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Liana Garcia


INILAH.COM, Jakarta - Shown younger? Operation? Well, the myth is wrong! To look younger because we just simply rely on blush and mascara.

Look younger are not always identical with the operation. By relying on proficiency in bermake up efforts to look younger will be quickly visible. Cheap and not risky. Do not believe? Try to do these tricks as quoted from Prevention:

1st. Starting from the hair

`Crown` ageless more often analogous to the hair, because it may be this can serve as an addition to our age. Haircuts that can make us look younger is not to exceed the chin and shoulder.

2. Choose the right lipstick

Glossy lipstick that will make our lips look fresher than it is shaped matte. After that, try to choose bright colors to enhance the freshness.

3. Be loyal to the blush on the form of creams and shadows

Because of the increasing age makes the skin dry. And dry skin will be good friends with the cosmetic form of cream. Choose also powder to cover wrinkles, wrinkles start to appear subtly.

4. See the power of the eye

This means that we maximize the eye makeup. Starting from choosing mascara could make eyelashes look fuller and flicks.

5. Stop plucking eyebrows

At the moment we entered the age of 30 years, do not pluck the eyebrows. For the longer, more fragile our eyebrows and their ability to grow as before even decreases.

6. Stand straight

Try to find sexy women who you think they must have stood with perfect posture. And standing by strapping is one way to make us look confident, plus make us thinner.

7. Sleep enough
When we sleep less, eyes and skin will not marsupial looks fresh. So if you want to appear attractive, try to sleep well at night.

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