Urinary infection

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Frequent urinary tract infections in children. The infection is often not
unknown because no apparent symptoms, and even can be no
symptoms at all. This infection occurs more frequently in girls
boys. This is apparently due to urinary tract more girls
shorter than the boys.

Urinary system consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.
Kidneys produce urine which will flow through a small channel (which
called ureters) to the bladder. From the bladder will be removed through
another small tract (urethra) to the exit.

Bacteria can enter the urinary tract from skin around the genitals or the flow
blood from other parts of the body. Bacteria can cause infections in the
any of the urinary tract system.

The possibility of a urinary tract infection should be considered, if the child
high fever and no other symptoms.

The symptoms of urinary tract infection can include: fever, burning sensation or pain
during urination, frequent urination or difficult urination, incontinence,
abdominal pain, hip or back pain, foul-smelling urine, urine color
snoring, restless continuously in infants

To help establish the diagnosis of this disease is usually carried out inspection
complete urine and urine culture. When this infection occurs continuously and
untreated, the infection can spread to the entire urinary tract and even to the kidney.

-Do not accustom the child to hold urine.
-Replace panties as often as possible especially when wet or wet the bed.
- Clean the genital and anal area every time after a shower and toilet
large by using soap and clean water with a hand movement from the front
- Do not accustom the child does not wear panties.
- Familiarize your child to drink a lot.

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