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21:49 Posted In , , , , Edit This - Not all people have the excess funds to buy designer clothes that always look right in the body, looks expensive, and luxurious, but the price is exorbitant. Everyone will want to perform with the best style at any time. You do not have to go bankrupt, how to can look luxurious and classy. All you can do is try creative ways to use the clothes you have right now for a new look and more attractive. Here's what you can do:

1. Replace buttons
There are clothes in stores are actually pretty good so looks unusual because the shape and color of poor quality buttons, giving the impression clothes "cheap". For this kind of clothing, you can do is to replace the buttons with the more interesting.

2. Change model
Many clothes are discounted or on sale are made from material that is quite good and a decent model, but with a larger size than usual. In fact, with good ingredients, the size of greatness (though the model used), you can take it to a tailor to alter the model and size. You can bring pants 3 / 4 the size is too large to the tailor to follow your curves, or ask Heightened dress size too big for your body to appear more attractive. The material is expensive to make clothes that look classy wasted on your body.

3. Give the belt
If your boss or a loose dress that you buy come with a belt or sash (extra strap), the most likely sash looks ugly (because only a bonus). To make your clothes look more luxurious, try searching for fabric, straps, or belts that if look more attractive and classy.

4. Material selection is important
For matters of style, you can always bergonta and imitate other people, but to the affairs of the suit, you can not cheat to resemble that expensive. Regardless of the form of clothes, the plain cloth (cheap) always seem to "force". Before you buy clothing, pay attention to the material you want to buy clothes, you should avoid that contain synthetic more than 20 percent. Stay away from all the material was too shiny so you do not regret it.

5. Investing in expensive accessories
For a jacket or dress "normal" that you buy looks expensive, matching with expensive accessories. Cheap shoes will be easy to look cheap because of poor quality material. Similarly, bags and belts. Therefore, it would be better if you invest in a handbag or tote bags and belts are qualified to make the clothes (although cheap or casual) look more attractive.

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