10 Steps "Recovery" After Operation Caesar

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Gave birth to a baby will give a sense of relief and happiness, but on the other hand you also have to deal with the recovery phase myself a fairly heavy. This phase takes time, especially if you undergo a Caesarean delivery. To help speed the recovery yourself, try doing a few things below.

For task
Since you are pregnant, you should already begin to delegate tasks to a spouse, relative, or close friend. If this second pregnancy, ask your partner to concentrate on the first-born while you focus on the baby. You also need to remain active, but set aside time in your schedule to rest enough. You also should not lift or pull heavy objects, or perform cleanup activities that are not necessary.

Do not lift heavy loads
It's OK to still lift things, but do not be heavier than your baby for at least six weeks. The goal, for your abdominal muscles have a chance to heal itself. Stomach will also not be too uptight when you wake up with it first rolled to her side, pulling your knees toward your chest. After that, sit and use hands to help you stand.

Do not forget to laugh
Our abdominal muscles are actually very active, just that we do not realize it until you undergo a cesarean section. To help relieve pain or discomfort, use a soft pillow on the stomach during the first few days or more if you need it, and then try to cough, laugh, breastfeeding, and during bowel movements.

Water and fiber
To be easier when you pee (urinate or BAB), drink plenty of water and eat fruit to help make the stool becomes soft. To relieve the bloating and pain when disposing of the gas, avoid consuming soft drinks during the first few days. Instead, you can drink peppermint tea.

Mild exercise
When performed by Caesarean deliveries, you would only be allowed to sit and lie down on the first days. However, you could steal a chance to do your pelvic floor exercises. This exercise is useful to improve the vaginal muscles. It will initially be uncomfortable, but this exercise also helps to support your back and stomach.

"Pelvic floor exercises are the most relevant for today (after childbirth) because it strengthens the pelvic floor. Basis of this pelvic support abdominal organs including the bladder," said Allyson Williams, an expert in obstetrics. This pelvic floor exercises as well as Kegel exercises, which you just need to tighten the vaginal muscles, as if to hold pee.

To help the recovery yourself, take care of yourself. With the presence of a baby, would be more difficult for you to take time for yourself. All you can do is ask the eldest, her grandparents, caregivers, or anyone, to help with homework, grocery shopping day, or cooking. Consumption of nutritious food, and drink lots of water. When babies sleep, you also can steal time to rest. Or at least, relax or soak in the bath. Lift your legs up to reduce tension on the abdominal muscles and let it heal.

Spread cream
Caesarean section leaves a scar. To make it to soften the scar and not too itchy, use a cream or oil. Massage the area gently until his condition improved. Use regularly will make the former stitches heal and fade slowly. Try searching for a special lotion for Caesarean scar at the pharmacy, or cocoa butter cream. Massage and reflexology will also help the recovery of a cesarean delivery. So, if he could, pamper yourself at the salon for massages and reflexology.

Relieve emotional
After childbirth, it may not be in need of your physical recovery, but also your emotions. Fatigue, sleeplessness, depression, are some of the influence of moment of post-childbirth. Consult your doctor if these feelings do not disappear after a few days. Chat with relatives or friends who had the same experience is also quite helpful. Or, follow the forum or mailing list specifically for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Active movement
Morning walk every day around the compound can make your blood circulation continues to run smoothly and muscles strong. You can get fresh air, and slightly away from the routine for a moment. If you do not want to leave your child, ask your partner, friend, or his grandparents to carry (or push the stroller) while you accompany the streets.

Always upright
Sit or stand upright it will make you feel stitches in the stomach will be separated. But calm, stitches will not come off. So even if you're like bending over to protect the stomach, try the alignment again gradually to stretch and strengthen the abdominal muscles, while protecting your back. Source : Bounty
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