Toddlers should be taught 6 Skills This!

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Although the preschool age (3-6 years), children already have the ability to help themselves such as eating, drinking, wearing clothes, shoes, and socks alone. Unfortunately, many parents with few reasons to ignore this. "When children eat fat if you own? Eat little, old, messy again!"

In fact, if you want to print the superior child, parents should provide the widest opportunity for children to help themselves. There must be many aspects of development that can be honed by teaching children self-help. When teaching children to eat their own, not only for his skillful feed themselves, but also train the fine motor skills. Likewise berbahasanya ability, participate forged.

With a lot of capabilities, competencies terdongkrak child was because she felt she could do this and that alone, so her confidence increased. Therefore, for children grow up to be a figure superior, he must be taught self-help skills. Conversely, if he too served and pampered, independence can be inhibited. Children will be very dependent on parents, caregivers, and adults usually he jmintai assistance. He will not be able to complete its own development tasks.

Here are some important things related to the child controlled their daily routines, and how stimulating:

1. Tie shoes
Introducing the first strap shoes without socks follows. For example how to put on and remove it. After that, ask the child to do it yourself. We can say, "Try to wear their own shoes." After that, "Look Mom ... one, two, three. Entrance feet into shoes." Remember, if the child has been able to do it yourself, give him reward in the form of hugs, kisses, and praise.

The first was taught to speak when they want CHAPTER / BAK. It is rather difficult to convey this, because we can not mengonkretkannya in children. However, it can disiasati through habituation. For example, every time a child urinating or incontinence, which is generally known from the symptom as the child restless during sleep, his penis look bigger, or when the child awoke and immediately move the body for a while without a plan. At that time, we can bring children to the toilet to pee. Then gradually, teach children BAK / CHAPTER own, began to open or memelorotkan pants to sit on the toilet. If the hole is too big closet, give additional toilet seat sold in the market.

3. Wearing a shirt and pants
Choose a simple like without buttons or zippers. How to teach it the same as wearing shoes. Encourage the child to communicate and give examples, then give him a chance to try doing it yourself. Do it every time a child out of the shower, as well as any she dressed. If it is successful, increase with the shirt and pants or skirts buttoned.

4. Clean up their own toys
Ask the children to make their own toys to the place that has been determined. On this occasion we can also teach the sort of toys that will be played. So, children spend only a certain toy to be played. Remember, bad habits of children of this age is to remove all toys from the container, whereas only one or three toys are played. With such conditioning, the child will more easily clean up his toys.

5. Eating and drinking alone
Along with their fine motor skills are getting better, this age children can feed themselves without much spillage. Children also can cut up your own food into smaller ones to be easily eaten. We just need to accompany and guide for the child's growing abilities. Let the children enjoy their food without rushed. Before eating, ask the children to wash and dry his own hands, sitting neatly, and pray alone. Then teach children etiquette when eating such as not making a sound while chewing, and others. Similarly, after eating, have the children pray, straightening chairs, and supplies its own food.

6. Communicate
That is, dare to greet others, assertively convey ideas, express emotions, offer help, and ask for help. For example, when it was in the restaurant, we can ask the child to pick up the menu and asked him to pay the bill at a restaurant waiter. This simple task in addition to train courage, also gave him the experience of interacting with others.

Keynote Speaker: Princess Guenantine, SPSI, counselors Personal Growth, Jakarta

(Tabloid Nakita / Gazali Solahuddin)

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