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Practical Guide to handle child fever:
-The room is maintained so as not to heat, install the fan. Children who do not wear thick clothes
-Extra fluids, often Drinking: Water, water, soup, fresh fruit juices that are mixed with water, ice cubes, ice cream. When frequent vomiting or diarrhea, give a drink which contains electrolytes:
Pedialyte, ORS
-Let the kids eat what she wants, do not be forced. Avoid fatty foods, foods that are difficult to digest.
Tepid sponging-(compress of warm water)
Children do not attend school, but that does not mean should be in bed all day.

Sponging to ease fever
Compress to relieve fever
Not infrequently parents stunned when I do not give medicine and
states - just compress it.
Warm compresses will reduce your child's temperature within 30-45 minutes.

When do we compress the child's fever?
1. Uncomfortable
2. Temperature (40C)
3. Ever febrile seizures or close relatives had suffered from febrile seizures
4. Vomiting so that drugs can not enter

How do I compress the child's fever?
1. Place the child in the bath tub / bucket filled with warm water bath temperature of 30 - 32c; or
2. Rub warm water in the whole body infant / child
If the child refuses, have sat on the bucket / bath tub, give a toy, get to play

Shivering, Seizures
Management of febrile convulsion
Parents are often difficult to distinguish between shivering with seizures.
At the time of shivering children, children do not lose consciousness, do not stop breathing. Child fever shivering as the temperature increases. Parents are also difficult to differentiate between febrile seizures / steup - dg seizures due to brain infection.

Seizures due to fever is a generalized (involving the entire body), lasted an instant, after the seizures - the child unconscious.
Seizures due to brain infection last long, repetitive, neck
stiff, and after the seizure, the child is not conscious.

We recommend that you compute the length of the old org seizures with a stop watch - not uncommon, due to a frightening appearance, so parents feel convulsive long though actually only take place within seconds or minutes.

Some practical guidelines to handle child febrile seizures:
-Stay calm, do not panic, carefully observe the child's condition
-Lay the child / baby in a safe place (floor)
-When children seizures, not in "Rejeng" (to prevent the occurrence of fractures)
-Prevent the seizure when the child does not choke (position the child face down or sideways)
-Do not put anything on the child's mouth (eg spoon)

Fever Medication (drug fever)

Consult a physician Ibuprophen AcetaminophenAcetosal Metamizole. Effect Pain, fever, fever, inflammation, fever, pain pain, fever, inflammatory pain, fever, inflammation

Dose of 5-10 mg / kg 10-15 XX XX
Side effects of gastric irritation / GI tract (bleeding), kidney disorders. Do not give if child muntah2 and / or diarrhea. Most safe - as long as the dose is not excessive. If an overdose, can cause liver damage Reye's Syndrome (disorder of the brain and liver), irritation of the stomach. Not recommended: Children <12 years, viral infections Bone marrow suppression

Some principles are worth noting:
2-Do not give fever medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen acertaminophen with the aspirin.
- Let's not mix acetaminophen with phenobarbital (luminal).
Luminal pressure that his liver enzymes that neutralize acetaminophen acetaminophen levels in the blood will increase and increase the risk of acetaminophen intoxication.
- Do not mix drugs fever with steroids (prednisone, oradexon, kenacort, etc.) because steroids will increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.
- Acetaminophen is the safest drug for the dose given to the appropriate (not excessive).
- Do not treat a fever that high.
- Do not give aspirin (asetosal / ASPILET) in children <12 years. In viral infections, aspirin increases the risk of Reye's syndrome, a condition that mmenyebabkan severe liver failure and impairment of consciousness.

Source website bayidananak.com/2008/11/19/demam-pada-anak/

Did Mother, 1 / 3 cases of febrile seizure will be repeated until the child was 5 years old. The attack is usually the same DNG pertama.Biasanya attack encourages doctors to provide a febrifuge or anti-seizure medication which inserted into the rectum at home. Seizures fever is most often caused by upper respiratory tract infection, but can also by other infectious agents.

Handlers who can do when his baby mother Fever Seizures are:

Remain calm and observe the condition of the child such as: calculating the length of seizures, seizures in one or several parts of the body, infant behavior before and after seizures, is accompanied by fever. then put the child in place safely dng yg oblique posture / prone to avoid choking on saliva or vomit.

- Do not put anything into your child's mouth, also do not include a spoon when the child is seizure Fever, krn it can actually inhibit oxygen entrant (obstruct breathing)

- Never give febrifuge through the mouth when the child seizures, by mouth may be given after a seizure-free children and aware, Do not force the holding / pressing krn child's body can cause broken bones, & hub doctor in case of recurrent seizures

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