Prayer Time Secret Relationship With The Human Body

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Each transition time of prayer actually showed a change of this nature which may be measured and perceived through the natural color changes. For example, at the dawn of time nature is in light blue color spectrum along with the frequency of thyroid which affects the body's metabolism system.

So in light blue or the dawn of time has a secret related to the bidder / provision and communication. They are often left behind or missed time Subuhnya repeated times, over time will deal with communication problems and sustenance.

This natural energy kerana namely light blue could not be absorbed by the thyroid which must apply in a state of spirit and body bercantum (simultaneity of space and time) - in other words keep erties than sleep. Here we can also lever will rahsia ordered early prayer time.

Fajr azan beginning course, natural forces at that time located at the optimum stage. This power will be absorbed by the body through the concept of resonant at the time of bowing and prostration. So those who missed Subuhnya really have got the power no longer optimum.

Natural color so changed to green color (isyraq & Duha) and then the color yellow signifies the entrance time Zohor. The spectrum of colors at this time along with the frequency of stomach and liver associated with the system penghadaman. This yellow color has a secret related to the fun. So they are always out or missed Zuhurnya multiple times in his life will face problems in the stomach and lost cerianya nature.

Then the natural color will change to the color orange, yiaitu Asar entrance time in which the spectrum of colors at this time along with the frequency of prostate, uterus, ovaries and testes that merangkumi reproductive system. The secret of creativity is the color orange. People who are often left behind Asar will lose power more creativity and more unfortunate if at the time ni Asar someone's body and spirit are separate. And do not forget, the power at the time of Asar ni so required by our reproductive organs

By the time of Maghrib, natural color changed to red and at this time we are often advised by elderly people for not being outside the home. This kerana color spectrum at this time the frequency approached the jinn and demons (infra-red) and this means the jinn and the devil is very powerful when they kerana resonant with nature. Those who are on the way too-elegant seelok stop first at this time (Maghrib prayer before la.) Kerana lot of interference (pembelauan) prevailing at this time which may confuse our eyes. Secrets of the Maghrib or red color is the belief, at a frequency of muscle, nerve and bone.

If the entry Isyak time, natural changes to the color of Indigo and so entered the phase of Darkness. This saves time Isyak rahsia tranquility and peace in which the frequency same convoy system of the brain. They are often missed Isyaknya will always be in anxiety. Nature is now in darkness and in fact, this is the time to sleep in Islam. Sleep at this time are called delta sleep in which the whole body system is in kerehatan.

After midnight, the first natural shine back with white, pink and purple etc. It is the same where the frequency of the pineal gland, pituitary, thalamus and hypothalamus. The body should rise again at this time and in Islam this time called Qiamullail.

That in brief prayer time relationship with the human body. Man has indeed been aware of the importance of this nature and this is the factor causing the emergence of a variety of meditation are created like tai chi, qi-gong and so forth. Everything is created to absorb the forces of nature into the body system.

And we as Muslims should be grateful kerana Shari'a has been blessed with prayers by God Almighty without the need to consider how we want to absorb this nature through a variety of techniques which began to grow earlier. The essence is supposed to awaken us pray that Allah requires of his servants upon the nature of His gracious and merciful as the creator because He knows His servants is very-very need it.

It is very unfortunate one for the collection of human beings is very negligent in keeping solatnya. Everything in nature is to benefit all sentient creatures.

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