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21:22 Posted In , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Edit This - According to a health magazine a site on the internet, the food we enjoy everyday can serve as a drug to reduce or prevent disease. Include:

* Headache? Eat fish. Fish oil helps prevent headaches. Similarly, ginger can reduce inflammation and pain.
* Insomnia (I can not sleep?) Honey! Use honey as a tranquilizer.
* Asthma? Eat onions. Onion relief channel interference in the throat.
* Gout? Also eat fish! Salmon, tuna, mackerel and Sardine can prevent arthritis.
* Stomach disorders? Banana, ginger! Bananas make a good stomach. Ginger will prevent morning sickness.
* Infection of the bladder? Drinking cranberry juice. High acid in cranberry juice can control destructive bacteria.
* Complaints of bone? Eat pineapple! Bone fracture and osteoporosis can be prevented by the manganese contained in the pineapple.
* Disturbance of memory? Oysters. Oysters help improve mental functioning by supplying much needed zinc appropriate.
* Fever? Eat garlic. Garlic is able to alleviate the heavy head due to fever.
* Cough-cough?The same sort of content as found in cough syrup is also found in red peppers. Use red chili with caution because it can make stomach pain.
* Breast cancer? Wheat, bran, and help maintain kobis estrogen to levels sufficient for health.
* Lung cancer? Eat vegetables dark green and orange and red beans. Beta-carotene is found in many vegetables berwana dark green and orange is a powerful antidote to cancer.
* Diarrhea? Eat an apple. Grate an apple with its skin, let the color turns brown, and eat it to cure diarrhea.
* High blood pressure? Minyal eat celery and olives. Olive oil has been proven to reduce blood pressure. Celery contains a substance which also menurukan blood pressure.
* Blood sugar imbalance? Eating brikoli and nuts. Chromium in broccoli and peanuts helps regulate insulin and blood sugar. @ jjw

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