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If too often or too rarely means there is something wrong.
Bowel frequency (BAB) and small (BAK) infants is closely related to the incoming intake. The proof, among infants who are breastfed and do not have different frequencies and pee & pup. How could such a thing? Then, how normal frequency? Consider the explanation of dr. Eva J. Soelaeman, SpA.

Breastfed babies:
Age 0-6 Months:
CHAPTER normal frequency:
1-7 times a day or even just 1-2 days. With a record baby's weight continued to increase according to the normal graphics card listed on the Go Healthy / KMS. If that happens on the other hand, the little doctor must undergo examination.
The frequency of abnormal CHAPTER:
* After 2 days, or not Chapter 1 Chapter three days time. This condition needs to be consulted on the doctor. Usually the doctor will look at the condition of the baby's stomach, bloated or not, state feces, weight, and infant growth. Some possible causes babies are rarely SECTION:
* Factor mother's diet. For example, nursing mothers are taking meducine/ jamu. As a result babies get breast milk intake of mother come to "feel" the impact of the drug. Just so you know, some drugs / herbs can make a motion / work intestine becomes slow. This condition, which in turn make babies suffer from constipation.
* Problems with the baby's digestive system. For example, blocked or twisted intestines.
* More than 7 times a day. CHAPTER frequency more often than usual may be caused by maternal diet factors. Example, mothers who breastfeed mengonsumi or eating spicy foods that contain high fiber can make a baby so more often pup.

BABIES ARE NOT breastfed
Age 0-6 months of age
CHAPTER normal frequency:
About 3-4 times a day until 1-2 days only once. Why it CHAPTER frequency less frequently than breastfed babies? ASI
as known very easily digested by babies. But not so with formula that is more difficult to digest and be absorbed by the baby's digestive system. This is what causes why
breastfed babies are rarely overweight, while the "infant formula" is often overweight.
The frequency of abnormal CHAPTER:
When baby watery feces and frequency more than 10 times per day along with weight loss.


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