Familiarize the Little Teeth brushing

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Some Mother's son complained his daughter often refuses to brush his teeth. Especially in the morning and evening before bed. Of course, this rejection was the cause. One of them is a significant factor of habit. If your child does not get used to clean his mouth early on, do not be surprised if one day he did not feel uncomfortable if not brushed his teeth.

To become familiar with the Mother should be diligent in cleaning the oral cavity been eating babies. That way she will feel uncomfortable if his mouth was not clean. It's easy once, the following stages:

• take a little gauze pads and wrap the fingers
• dip gauze pads into the water lukewarm
• rubbed into all parts of the oral cavity

Because he is used to clean the oral cavity itself then he will diligently cleaned his teeth later. After 3 years of age to enter the Mother can start introducing tools for cleaning teeth. Choose a brush with soft bristles to the teeth and gums are not injured. May also buy a toothbrush with a unique and funny. This can add excitement brushing your teeth.

Should Toothpaste?
Indeed there are several types of toothpaste for children, but dentists recommend the child should not use toothpaste used. The reason, of course, because the chemical ingredients contained in it which concern the child can swallow.
With increasing age the ability to swallow the rinse and little better too. While this may try to give Mother toothpaste (select which marked safe for toddlers) to him. Do not worry too much just enough to give a little at the end of the brush.

• Create a pleasant atmosphere while brushing your teeth, such as singing. So the baby does not have forced that could probably traumatizing for him.
• Can also perform the ritual brushing your teeth with the Mother, father and her sister.

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