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Age 6 months upwards
CHAPTER normal frequency:
Usually 3-4 times a day or 2 days. Once children hit 4-year, its frequency CHAPTER been like parents, ie one to two times a day.
The frequency of abnormal CHAPTER:
* More than 4 times a day accompanied by other symptoms. For example, babies until Chapter 6 times a day. This could be an alarm for the parents that the condition of the child was unwell. Consider whether the baby is fussy or anxious? If so, there may be something wrong with his digestion. To trace the cause, to remember what the food menu that day until 2 days before; if too much fiber? Too much is given fruit / vegetables as possible. Infants who consume too much fiber has the potential for more frequent bowel and eventually became thin. For what is consumed issued more than absorbed.
Two times within a period of seven days or less. Possible baby constipation / faecal constipation or compression in the large intestine. Be careful, if the stool is hard to make her anus and little wounds suffered trauma so reluctant to defecate next.
Causes of constipation:
* Could be a baby too much to drink and not getting enough milk solids and less drinking water.
* Lack of fiber / less consumption of vegetables or fruits.
The fix, the first cause can be overcome by reducing the intake of infant formula milk and reproduce menggantikannnya with solid food intake according to age. While the second, of course the baby should be eating more fruits, vegetables, and do not forget to drink plenty of water. If these conditions are not improved, very wise when the child seen by a doctor.

Within a day, normally the baby urinate about 3-4 times. However, the frequency of bladder actually need not worry. If more than that is okay. Except when pipisnya very often (more than 10 times / day) or rarely at all. In a sense as long as no signs of dehydration or the baby becomes lethargic and fussy, do not need too make an. Let alone worry about the baby because militus diabetes DM in children, especially infants are very rare.
But beware if the frequency of rare baby BAK / become rare. For example, one day only once even though usually 4 times. Or, since your baby was born rarely pee when fluid intake is adequate. Some causes of a rare bladder frequency is:
3 Infants experiencing dehydration. This could be due to a breastfeeding mother drink a lot less or a baby is experiencing vomiting or excessive sweating. Such conditions can be overcome by giving a lot of fluid intake in infants. Breastfeeding mothers, for example, have much to drink. However, for cases of vomiting, the baby should be immediately taken to the doctor to find the cause and prevent it from dehydration.
3 The baby boy, try to see the end kulupnya whether small or not visible. If so, he could be experiencing phymosis (end of small foreskin) that cause rare bladder. As the solution is usually the doctor will perform zooming by circumcision. These conditions need to be addressed immediately because if left unchecked can cause urinary tract infections in infants.
3 It is hard to pee on the baby girl could be caused by infection in the organs could be intimate even though his bladder just so more often. As pecegahan, after urinating, urinary hole and the surrounding area should be cleaned immediately. Remaining urine can settle in the folds around the genitals and cause infection. Attention is also sure clean technique. Do not clean from the rear to the front but from the front backward. This meant that excrement from the anus does not carry over to the vagina.


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