Securing Child From Accidents at Home

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However, sometimes this is impossible because of the narrowness of the house. In addition, your baby may also be tired of just being in the room, especially every day. As a result, he still wanted to get out of arealnya it, and all over the house had been explored. Plus the higher interest and great curiosity, so relentless she tried a new experience; up and down stairs, open the closed doors including cabinet doors, rooms, and also refrigerators, as well as touching this and that.

This led to other consequences, namely the need to safeguard children from several accidents that may occur. Therefore, you are encouraged to provide safety devices required (household safety). What security can you plug in the house?

1. Security bracket table (soft corner Protectors). This tool is made of plastic and dull that it will not hurt if the child hit. Or, you can also replace all the table with a round tip and not sharp.
2. Closing the plug. Young children may put her fingertips to each hole in the wall, including the plug in which is contained electricity. Plug the special lid so that your child does not merambahnya as toys.
3. Guardrail. This tool is needed, especially for those who have storey house because it can prevent your baby up and down stairs without being noticed. In addition, if the kitchen and dining room with a door you did not, this fence can be installed to prevent it in the kitchen.
4. Security drawer. Often times opening and closing drawers makes little fingers stuck, but its contents were spilled and broken. Install safety drawer to prevent that happening.
5. Security dispensers. Hot water faucet can make a baby fingers blistered and wounded. Put a special faucet that has a small knob.
6. Bolt refrigerator. Refrigerator, especially large so that the baby can enter into it very dangerous for toddlers. Attach a special bolt so he could not open it without adult help.
7. Cupboard cover bolt. This tool serves as a lock for the door handle so that toddlers can not play the cabinet lid. Put in the closet, bookcase, or cabinet DVD.
8. Anti-slip mats. Install anti-slip mats made of rubber and not slippery to prevent your baby falling when you bathe in the bathroom. You can put it on the area where he used to bathe, be it on the floor of the bathtub or on the bathroom floor.
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