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Myth Sleep paralysis in Various Countries
- In the African-American culture, this sleep disorder called the devil riding your back a ghost or ghosts who were up someone's shoulder.
- In the culture of China, called shen gui ya aka ghost disorders that suppress the body of a person.
- In Mexican culture, called a subio el muerto me and believed to be the scene of dead spirits attached to someone.
- In the culture of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, called pee umm, referring to the incident where someone sleeping and dreaming spirits holding or holding the body of the person to stay in their nature.
- The culture of Iceland, called mara. This is an ancient language word Island. Means ghost occupying a man's chest at night, trying to make people's shortness of breath and suffocation.
- At Tuki culture, called karabasan, believed to be the creature that attacks people at times sleep, pressing chest and took a breath.
- In Japanese culture, called kanashibari, which translated literally means a person binds so bound by spirits.
- In Vietnamese culture, called ma de, which means controlled by the devil. Many Vietnamese people believe these problems occurred because the spirits entered the body of a person.
- In the culture of Hungary, called lidercnyomas and associated with the supernatural boszorkany (witch). The word itself means pressing boszorkany so this translates into a pressure that is being refined to someone in their sleep.
- The culture of Malta, sleep disturbance is considered as an attack by Haddiela (Hares wife), gods who haunt the nation of Malta by way of possession of that person. And to avoid Haddiela attack, one must put the objects of silver or a knife under her pillow while sleeping.
- In the culture of New Guinea, this phenomenon is called Suk Ninmyo. This is the sacred tree of life of the human spirit. This sacred tree will take the human spirit in the night so as not to disturb people in the daytime. However, often the spirit of this tree was eaten up and there was sleep paralysis.
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