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If Spiral Can not revoked
Do not worry, Mom, pregnancy can still be passed on, really. "Often, doctors find it difficult indeed interesting spiral because the spiral thread invisible," said Bawono. Well, if the current spiral is still attached, to avoid the occurrence of miscarriage, the pregnancy must be monitored very closely, for example with ultrasound. "Monitoring is to know the developing fetus in the womb. So if there are abnormalities can be anticipated at an early stage."

Occurred in Tuba Channels
Explained Bawono, nearly 15 percent of pregnancies with the IUD was inserted occur in the fallopian tube or the fallopian tubes, so it was not in the uterus. "This situation is usually called a pregnancy outside the womb. Usually when this happens, it becomes very difficult to detect, so that often require surgery." Therefore, the fallopian tubes are too narrow and thin to accommodate the baby growing bigger. As a result, pregnancy outside the womb are often brought in the heavy bleeding and usually occurs in the second and third month after the last menstruation. "I will feel tremendous pain in the lower abdomen and the only action that can be done is through a surgical tube removal." Thus, pregnancy can not be forwarded automatically.

Various causes
According to Bawono, the factors causing the "penetration" is itself quite diverse. Pemasangnya started, people who posted, and contraceptive itself. "To subject or the person who put contraceptives, for example, doctors or officers who installed, one in selecting cases or tools suitable for a mother." Because after all, not all suitable contraceptive used all mothers.
"Doctors or health workers who install or review must be seen again, how the condition of the mother. For example, not all women can be fitted spiral. If he has a lump in the womb, so can often spiral out of himself. If forced into a spiral stay, the agency would be refused, so the remains will be out again by itself. "
When the installation is not right can lead to spiral out of place. For example, the installation of a spiral when the new mother 3-4 weeks after birth, would be likely to spiral out again. When a suitable installation spiral is when the uterus begins to shrink or return to normal, approximately 40 days after birth. If the uterus is still large, will spiral off by itself.
The problem, which often occur in the field, the doctor or the staff did not always have enough time to serve patients more thoroughly. "This could happen because many patients who have or pursue the target installation. Especially common in the hospital or
A busy health center. So the ministry is not the maximum occasionally or installation of contraception become careless, inaccurate, or not choosing a case. "
The second factor is often the case, experience or hours of flying the advertiser is still minimal or less. For example, workers who install new or learning.
While from the patient, often do not obey the control of the control schedules established doctors. "Not only that, but should control the time set, she had to see her doctor if there is a problem with him. For example, if your period suddenly mom a lot, then the mother should immediately see a doctor control. It could be posted contraception be down or not being in place. Therefore, the installation of an IUD or a spiral, due to be installed in the womb, so when menstruation many women, who installed the equipment could fall. It's what is recommended, the mother of an IUD fitted should be diligent to do the control to the doctor. "
The doctors or health workers should also be told, the things what need to know by the mother about contraception installed. "But, again, sometimes barriers between medical staff and patients did not have enough time to consult each other or exchange ideas. Thus, the information received less patient deeply."

In order not "conceded"
To anticipate that pregnancy does not occur or spiral installed to function properly, the following suggestions Bawono.
1. She also had to frequently spiral anticipation control for shifting from place. For the early installation of a spiral spiral examination usually conducted once a month. If you have been judged suitable, the longer can control, depending on your doctor's instructions or officers who installed.

2. So no problems occur, patients should also be selecting the mounting location. Choose the mounting location of the well, where clerks installer and patients have sufficient time to consult.

3. In order to obtain maximum results or expectations, the selection of contraceptive devices that determine the best doctors. "All during this often happens, the patient or the mother alone to decide. In fact, contraception that want to use is not necessarily compatible with him."

4. Elections spiral must also good. "Basically, all marketed spiral proven ability. But there are times when the condition is broken or defective packaging, which may result in these contraceptives work less maximal."

Rodin Daulat G.T. Illustration: Pugoeh / Nakita
Source web Tabloid Nakita Nomor 492 Tahun X

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