Bathroom Together as Sex Education

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CHAPTER sexual problems in children is not easy. However, sex education taught to children should be given to children not one step in his life.

According to Dra Clara Istiwidarum Kriswanto, MA, CPBC, psychologists from Jagadnita Consulting, sex of the child's parents must be given as early as possible.

"Sex education must be given to the child's parents as early as possible. Precisely begins at zero years old. But the main requirement is the children feelcomfortable as they are not necessarily friends sex lessons from her parents," explained coach talk show "A Session with Coach Clara "when found in Citywalk Sudirman Legal, Friday (11/4/2008).

According to him, sex education is defined as education about the anatomy of body organs can continue to sexual reproduction. By teaching children sex education can prevent children from negative risk sexual behavior. Because, naturally he will know the ins and outs of sexuality and its consequences if the rules do not comply with the law, religion and customs. Including the mental and material readiness of a person.

"The benefits of sex education to children is to know the sex organs of men and women. In this way, the child will have a positive image of the concept that feels valued, loved and grace. And naturally he will be able to fortify themselves from the negative things, "he said.

Introduction to child sex can be started from the introduction of the anatomy of the body. Then increase the education about how to multiply the living creatures to humans and animals. Well, one of how to deliver sex education to the children can begin to take them bathing together.

"A bath together with the children is how to teach natural sexuality education. Through these activities, children will feel loved with a hug, a touch of loving. However, a bath together can only be done until the toddler age because at this age child can understand about organ their bodies, "explained the mother of four children who always look this beautiful.

Added to Clara, I submit that any sexual education should not be too vulgar, because it will negatively affect the child. When will teach sex education, see the intended target. Because, when children are taught about sex, he would critically and want to know about everything.

"The main requirements for teaching children sex education is to be honest and open in accordance with capacity. Therefore, parents need not know everything. If a child asks about sex, but parents do not know the answer then just answer honestly. Or it could be asked to the expert," advises UI almamater to continue his S2 program at Goldsmiths College University of London, United Kingdom it.

Not only that, continued Clara, in the expression of sex education should also be honest. "In this sex education should avoid the use of fictitious names of the vital tools of male and female. And the pass was not to be teased. Therefore, to personal things in a private environment will make your child know that it does become a part of life, "he added.

Once children learn sex education, the child will also know how to maintain health. Naturally, he would know that there are body parts that should not be vulgar.

"In part of sex education, we can teach children to dress in the bathroom or in her bedroom. So, should not run while naked and indulgence in the body," he concluded. (nsa)
Chaerunnisa - Okezone, Photo: Corbis

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