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If we overdo pregnant when contraception is still attached, immediately consult a doctor to take further steps.

Although it can be said quite rare or only about 3 percent, an unexpected pregnancy at any time can occur when the mother was using contraception. Thus, means the program or attempt to delay a pregnancy that was undertaken to fall apart. Not only that, the mother who undergo this pregnancy will always be filled with anxiety. Does this contraception cause fetal happens "nothing"?

Generally pregnancy with intrauterine device was inserted occur in spiral instrument or an IUD. "While other contraception, such as condoms, birth control pills, and the implant had occurred resulting risk of unintended pregnancy as well. But the many highlighted the use of a spiral, because many cases occur during pregnancy the mother followed the program with a spiral," said dr. Hasan Bawono SpOG. from Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta.

In fact, he said, deliberately contraceptive spiral made of copper, with the aim of sperm into the uterus, its capacity decreases and therefore can not move to an egg. "The ions released by the copper, making sperm into the uterus becomes less capacity to be fertilized."

As far as possible withdrawn

If pregnancy occurs even overdo the spiral is still attached, then the spiral can be withdrawn, especially if the pregnancy in the first 3 months of pregnancy or expected not too large. "By issuing an IUD in early pregnancy, doubling the chances of getting a successful pregnancy." Plucking too easy, doctor quite interesting threads in a spiral. "Because the spiral is not touching the fetus at all. Spirals lies outside the womb, a doctor living interesting thread in a spiral."

The need for spiral embedded in the cervix are removed, because the spiral contains the active ingredient of copper. Ions released copper can interfere with fetal growth, which can result in miscarriage or failure of pregnancy, preterm birth, or rupture due to infection in the uterus. "But if the spiral is not active anymore or old, that no longer functions, then it does not affect the pregnancy."

However, there are also pregnancy when the spiral was inserted not cause a problem at all. "Usually this occurs when the spiral is embedded in the womb of the mother was nearing the end of their working lives." Spiral, said Bawono, has the end of the work. "There's a spiral that 5-year tenure, there is also 8 years old. Now, if the spiral already installed beyond the end of the work, the mother might as well not put a spiral. If anything was pregnant, there is usually no impact."

Well, so do not delay in treatment occurred, Bawono suggested, if the mother was too late or just menstrual blood out little uncharacteristically when using the spiral, immediately consult the medical officer or doctor on the spot. Because, if the pregnancy is more than 3 months, the removal of the spiral must be more careful and should be done by experts.

Rodin Daulat G.T. Illustration: Pugoeh / Nakita
Source web Tabloid Nakita Nomor 492 Tahun X
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