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Ever wake up from sleep, but it is difficult to move or scream? Relax you're not being harassed creature smooth. This scientific explanation!

EVENT I often experienced since high school days, even up to now (although their frequency was greatly reduced). We want to wake up from sleep or had just fallen asleep, I felt like pressed something. This makes it hard up or shout for help.
Then, there was a little cold spread from the foot to the entire body. To get up, the only way is to move the toes, tip of the hand or head at full speed until the whole body can be moved back.
After that, I usually do not dare to sleep. Afraid I lost consciousness or the incident is repeated again. Especially when the incident, I like seeing a shadow in the darkness.
I had my talk about this to my mother. He said I had the weight. D according to the trust of parents, who pinned the spirits. Ih, creepy yes! However, I am trying to find the logic of scientific explanation. This result
Sleep paralysis
According to the medical situation when people would sleep or waking up feeling like a strangled breath, tight chest, hard body moving and difficult shouted alias called sleep paralysis sleep paralysis (because the body can not move and seemed paralyzed). Almost everyone has experienced it. At least once or twice in his life.
Sleep paralysis can happen to anyone, male or female. And the average age of first person having this sleep disorder is 14-17 years. Sleep paralysis is the alias of this overlap may be over in a matter of seconds to minutes. Interestingly, when squeezing occurs we often experience hallucinations, like seeing a black shadow figure or around the bed. Not surprisingly, this phenomenon was often associated with mystical thing.

In the Western world, a phenomenon often referred to the weight of bad dreams or old hag inkubus based on shadow form that appears. There is also a feeling to see a foreign secret agents or aliens. While in some medieval paintings, the figure represented by the weight of evil spirits occupy a woman's breasts until she was frightened and difficult to breathe.

Sleep Deprivation
According to Al Cheyne, researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada, sleep paralysis, is a kind of hallucination due to a malfunction in the stage of sleep rapid eye movement (REM).

As knowledge, based on brain waves, sleep is divided into 4 stages. Stage it is the lightest stage of sleep (we were still half asleep), sleep stage of a deeper, deepest sleep and REM stages. At this stage the dream happen.

When the condition of the body is too tired or lack of sleep, brain wave sleep stages did not follow that it should be. So, from a conscious state (while going to sleep) to the lightest sleep stage, then immediately jumped into the dream (REM).

When the brain suddenly awakened from REM stage, but the body has not, here is sleep paralysis occurs. We feel very conscious, but the body could not move. Plus the hallucinations appeared another figure which is actually characteristic of the dream.

In addition, sleep paralysis can also be caused by something that can not be controlled. As a result, appeared stressed and carried into the dream. Work environment, too influential. For example, you work in shifts so that the lack of sleep or having sleep patterns are irregular.

Do not underestimate
Although common, this sleep disorder should be wary of. The reason is, sleep paralysis can also be a sign Narcolepsy (sudden sleep attacks without warning drowsy), sleep apnea (snoring), anxiety, or depression.

If you are experiencing this sleep disorder, you should make a note of the pattern of sleep for several weeks. This will help you find out the cause. Then, overcome by avoiding triggers. When the weight caused too tired, try to rest more.

Lack of sleep should not be underestimated. If you have cause sleep paralysis, the condition is already severe. Immediately cukupi self-evaluation and the need to sleep. Try to sleep 8-10 hours at the same hour every night.

Keep in mind also, generally seep paralysis occurs in people who sleep in the supine position (face up, and almost in a state of sleep or waking from sleep almost). That is why, we need to frequently change position to sleep to reduce the risk of this sleep disorder.
Well, if the overlap with other symptoms, it's good to see a doctor immediately or sleep specialist sleep laboratory to be examined further. Usually the doctor will ask when the weight started and been going on for how long. Note that you have created earlier will be helpful when went to the doctor.

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