Cosmetics Safely During Pregnancy

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Despite being pregnant and no longer a curvy silhouette, pregnant women are encouraged to maintain their appearance, to make it look interesting and fresh.

Dress up or bermake-ups are one way that is recommended. However, given that most cosmetics on the market are made from chemicals, pregnant women are obliged to be careful. Because the chemicals contained in cosmetics can be a trigger problems fetal growth process.

Many health experts believe that babies who suffer from allergies, skin cancer, autism, and cerebral palsy is caused by exposure to chemicals that one of them sourced from cosmetics, such as lead, aluminum, metilmerkuri, and alcohol. Although this belief was based on allegations and has not come to the conclusion. But what if the mother aware of the use of cosmetics during pregnancy. It is important to understand, although the cosmetics are only used on the outside of the body, but more or less there will be absorbed into the body.

How is the process of chemical interference occurs?

When mothers use cosmetics, chemicals contained in them and then absorbed into the skin through the pores until it reaches the bloodstream. Maternal blood has been contaminated with chemicals that eventually reached the fetus because the blood that supplies oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. The most common disorders is a disorder of nerve cells growing fetus. Nerve cells is the most sensitive and most easily disrupted by exposure to chemicals.

What happens when the fetus is exposed to these chemicals cosmetics?

1. Disrupted nerve cell growth, resulting in congenital defects, such as fingers attached, conjoined twins, cleft lip, and others.
2. When cells are exposed to the lungs, it could eventually lungs do not grow the perfect child.
3. When exposed to the skin cells that will form, just maybe the child will suffer from allergies.

The following types of cosmetics that need to be observed

Besides not excessive when using it, pregnant women should also carefully choose which cosmetics for pregnant women.

1. Lipstick. Origin dyes contained in the lipstick is not ingested it will not be harmful to the fetus. Even though he chose a lipstick-based chemicals that are safe, pregnant women should still avoid the habit of licking his lips, so coating is smeared lipstick on the lips does not come swallowed.
2. Bleach cream. Characteristic of mercury-containing bleaching cream is a process that works very quickly. Three days are used, the results are already visible. Without mercury, bleaching creams are generally only seen the results after use for weeks.
3. Cat Hair. Long-lasting hair dye usually contains hazardous substances. If you want to color your hair, you should use hair dye is made from herbs and natural fruits.
4. Acne drug. Pregnant women who will treat infections of the skin, like acne that causes redness of the skin, requiring the supervision of an expert obstetrician or cosmetics. Typically, pregnant women are asked to postpone treatment until its content reaches 4 months of age, if enforced feared to interfere with early fetal growth.

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