Good Fasting, Open With Sweet and Avoid Sour &Spicy

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Since the age of 4 years, children can be taught to fast. Begin fasting after breakfast till noon. At school age, then gradually extended berpuasanya time until sunset. However, immediately stop it if he looks sick or weak.

Undergo fasting in Ramadan is an obligation as a form of worship to Allah SWT. In terms of health, when people fasted, healthy body process occurs. Because, fasting dispose of toxins (detoxification) that has accumulated in the body longer. In the end, fasting is a total and holistic (comprehensive). That means not just happen because of enlightened soul and mind obey the command of religion, but also occurred involving physical cleansing.

After days of age, every Muslim should fast from dawn to sunset during the month. However, no case in infants and children. According to dr. Eva J. Soelaeman Sp.A, from RSAB Harapan Kita, since the age of 4 years children should be taught to fast, but fast for this exercise should not be long. "Medically speaking, the safest for children under five is half a day of fasting." Because toddlers are in the middle phase of growth. "Many organs are not yet fully developed. They still need a more complete nutritional intake and more than adults."

In addition, the workings of intestinal enzymes in children also differ from adults. "In adults, fasting is useful for cleaning the stomach and bowel rest. Whereas in children, the intestines actually have to work and hold to activate enzymes that help growth." That is why, in children, the important thing is to eat little but often, as well as drinking fluids must often because a lot of needs.

CAN dehydration

Therefore, infants and children should not impose a full day's fasting. "This could be dangerous!" said Eva. "Especially if the child is already weak and vomiting but still impose fasting. It could indicate the child was already dehydrated," he continued.

Another danger, children may lose weight (BW). Yet precisely at this age children should not lose weight. "If his body weight decreased, fasting not proceed.'ll Actually be causing the health of children affected."

Toddlers too fat, fasting should not be like an adult. Because obese children are very much needed fluids. "So, he must often drink." This is due the child's activity is still high. "I do not might, right, kids told to shut up. I bet he'll keep playing. Now, the sweat that comes out it could provoke dehydration."

So, if the child is hungry whimper, let alone in a cold sweat and looked weak, "Ladies do not hesitate to hail a little fast. If allowed, the child may even shock and dehydration."

Principally, it is important to teach children to fast. But it must also note the very least a healthy baby in running fast. For that purpose, provide proper food and beverages for bersahur and break the fast.


To let the child remain excellent body condition during fasting, then the food should get extra attention. Here's a tip from Eva comes to baby food that was fast:

* Menu and meal breaking the fast food to children just the same as the adult menu.

* Usually, when hunger is triggered by a decline in fasting glucose levels in the body. Now, when children need to be fast food consumption

containing sugar, such as hot tea, sweets, and a variety of other sweet foods. Hot drink is preferred considering the previously empty stomach condition. But that does not mean cold beverages are prohibited.

* Sugar easily absorbed in the body into an energy source, so the child can fit back soon after taking them. Playground activities and worship with their parents can still be done.

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