Good Fasting, Open With Sweet and Avoid Sour &Spicy

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* The sugar is easily absorbed, the energy generated also has a relatively short time. At night, it helps children to eat again before bed or in moments of leisure at night.

* For a meal, food perbanyaklah of proteins and fats such as meat, rice, eggs, fish, and others. The greater the fat and protein consumed during dawn, automatic energy reserves owned by the liver is also greater fruit. Also must be remembered though, little can not eat until satiation, because its impact was less good. Full stomach and the stomach feels uncomfortable.

* Nature of fat and protein energy burning process longer than sugar, making hunger that emerged also a longer time.

* Type of food supplements such as vitamins or milk also still need to be given. Especially when fasting, the child would require a greater energy than during ordinary days. Only, be careful in choosing vitamins. Do not let us give vitamin supplement appetite, because even makes it so fast hungry.

* Do not give food or drink that stimulates during Ramadan, because it would interfere with work such as gastric acid foods, bersantan, or spicy.

* Expand fiber consumption also because it will help launch a bowel movement (BAB). CHAPTER bucket, usually so lazy child into the bathroom and this is dangerous because more and accumulate dirt in the stomach.

Proper feeding patterns will certainly help the baby quickly to fast without feeling hungry. So for him, fasting is an exciting worship.

Educating fasting EMOTION

WITH fasting, added Eva, the child learns discipline. "Are not we should not be indiscriminate eating and drinking until it was time breaking fast?"

Through explanation of the parents, she adds, children can also be taught self-control. "Temperament boy, is it, sometimes is difficult to control. Now, through fasting, children are trained to be able to contain her emotions and can not easily mengumbar his tantrums."

However, because fasting is not mandatory for children under five, Eva suggested that parents could not relate it to reward and sin. "Children do not understand the things that are abstract, like what is a sin, reward, heaven and others. We recommend the introduction of fasting should not be seen from the side, but rather to develop the moral ethics. Parents can give examples and explain reality outside the environment of other children, that there is a shortage of people and can not get to eat. Now, children are invited to empathize with the suffering people. "
In addition, the fasting month is also the month for many sharing / charity. "Well, during the month of fasting, the child may be invited to charity to the poor.

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