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TEMPO Interactive, perfumery herbs, traditional music, ethnic style interior, and lighting the room a warm greeting when Nuri Toba foot in Mom n Jo, a provider of spa services for pregnant women in Dharmawangsa Square, South Jakarta. Nuri, who was pregnant 20 weeks, for a first try spa services for these pregnant women.

At first this worried housewives go to a spa while pregnant. The reason, "I am afraid that the usual massage effect to the womb," said the expectant mother for the first child of this. Though Nuri practically addicted to massage. Each time the body was not fresh, Nuri always pamper yourself to a spa for massage or facial.

So knowing there are spa services pregnant women, Nuri enthusiastically try. "I am easily tired and sore often during pregnancy," said the woman was 28 years.

In the relaxation room, Nuri sit and enjoy a cup of warm ginger foot massage while feeling. He then went into a massage room. Spa therapist asked him to lay down the right side, then gently massage therapist from the back, waist, to the foot of Nuri. He then lying to the left, and massage therapist with the same step.

Nuri then lying on his back. The entire front body massage, including face and head. Meanwhile, for his stomach began to bulge, the therapist simply wipe it without pressure. Unlike the usual spa, pregnancy massage position and supine lateral only.

Spa pregnant now becoming popular in big cities. Pregnant women who feel the physical complaints, such as back pain, cramps, nausea, and even her feet were swollen, can feel a special massage to reduce complaints in the future mother of this particular spa. Especially now that more and more pregnant women who work, auto physical complaints during pregnancy will increase.

Nurmaya Febriyani, 35 years, for example, even have tried the spa since the first pregnancy at two years ago. Nurmaya often feel tired coming home from work. Moreover, until the second trimester she is still actively driving his own car. "If the body is aching, leg cramps, I had a spa pregnant," said Nurmaya, now select the service spa in the B-Spa in Menteng.

Create Nurmaya, spa pregnant quite effective in eliminating physical complaints during pregnancy. "For me, this is very helpful," said Nurmaya, who was carrying her second child. Just like the first pregnancy, Nurmaya not reduce its activity in work and routine follow pregnant spa over the weekend.

According to Mary Jane Minchin, MD, Professor Obsgin at Yale University School of Medicine, United States, the spa was pregnant effective in reducing back pain, blood circulation, correct body position pregnant women, reduce swelling and cramps in the legs, as well as reduce stress.

Noteworthy is to avoid the sauna or spa treatments that increase the body temperature of pregnant women. "The temperature of the heat may harm the fetus," Minchin wrote in his book, A Woman's Guide to Sexual Health.
In addition, oils and lotions used in massage should use chemical-free ingredients. "Massage oil contains chemicals that can enter the bloodstream and dangerous to the fetus," said Minchin.

Endah Wulansari, Manager Mom n Jo, says his spa services using grape seed oil based that, "It contains chemicals and safe for pregnant women with sensitive skin." With the price range USD 90-500 thousand, the number of subscribers has now reached a Mom n Jo 600-1000 people each month.

In addition to pregnant spa, Mom n Jo provide spa services to normal postpartum or cesarean and spa baby. For those customers who did not bother to go to a spa, Mom n Jo also provides services on call service. "All of our therapists learn the techniques of expert massage spa pregnant woman who was imported from Singapore," said Wulansari.

Meanwhile, B-Spa, which is under the auspices of the International Mother Clinic, began providing a spa for pregnant women since two years ago. There, the tariff is USD 250-300 thousand during the 200 minutes. In addition, this service provides gymnastic and yoga classes three times a week pregnant.

According Asti Kurniawati, Manager B-Spa, B-Spa therapists have been trained by a specialist obstetrics and gynecology Mother Hospital. "They knew where the body parts from pregnant women should and should not be massaged," she said. Spa pregnant best done after reaching the age of three months of pregnancy.


1. Avoid the spa treatments that can improve the mother's body temperature, such as sauna, steam, hot tubs, or body wraps.
2. Some aromatherapy, essential oils, and lotions dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses. Consult with a therapist where the product is safe to use. In general, Lemon and Rosewood tends to be safely used.
3. Use a pillow under your head while enjoying facials and a few pillows buffer when massaged.
4. Do not color your hair during pregnancy. Chemicals from hair dye could enter the maternal and fetal blood circulation through the scalp.
5. Avoid coloring when manicure and pedicure nail. Nail coloring contain chemicals.
6. Waxing can be very painful and increases blood pressure if done when pregnant.

AMANDRA MM | Source: Marjorie Greenfield, MD in his book The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book

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